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What music I think the staff at Loreto Normanhurst listen to

By Saoirse Hickey

Let's be honest, we all sit on the ‘friend activity’ section of Spotify from time to time, doing a quick checkup on what our friends are listening to…maybe checking in on their wellbeing if you've seen the ‘mentally ill (taylor’s version)’ playlist on repeat for a few hours. But, how often have you ever sat and wondered, “what music are my teachers listening to?” Well, you now no longer need to wonder, as I have used my professional opinion to create a list of what music I think some of our teachers listen to.

DISCLAIMER: this article is for entertainment purposes only, I do not know what music most of these teachers listen to, I’m just guessing.

Mr Munro

I have heard reports from inside sources that Mr Munro listens to rock music. But there's a lot of music that falls under that ‘rock music’ umbrella, what kind of rock does Mr Munro listen to? After pondering the question I have decided there is only one correct answer. Mr Munro listens to glam rock. I don't know why I think this but hear me out, he’s on his way home from school, windows down, wind blowing through his….head, and he’s got Iggy pop on repeat.

Mr Rafe

Initially I thought Mr Rafe would listen to Imagine Dragons and Weezer (don't know why but it seems right) but when asking for his permission to be included in this article he notified me that he doesn't listen to any music other than his “theme songs” which are “hot potato” and “Wake up Jeff!” by the wiggles and “It's Raining Men” by The Weather Girls.

Year 8 team

I am almost certain that the year 8 team are secretly the coolest people at the school because I have heard from inside sources close to the team that they are having parties in that staffroom and without a doubt listening to a 2000s bangers playlist. I'm thinking “Dynamite” by Taio Cruiz playing as they struggle their way through marking the hours worth of failed Rube Goldberg machines.

Ms Boardman

Ms Boardman definitely listens to an insane mix of music. I’m thinking a bit of Baroque music when she’s doing a bit of painting at home, maybe a jazz cafe playlist when her year 9’s are going feral, but in her spare time, Ms Boardman has got some hardcore rap and/or edm music going on. When she's sitting in that art staffroom having her sandwich at lunch it's an absolute rave for one in there.

Ms Baynie

On the first day of term this year I was complaining about how upset I was that my Harry Styles concert was canceled (still very emotional about this) and Miss Baynie told us that she too was very emotional about this. And that's when it clicked. Miss Baynie is a directioner AND a solo stan. I feel like Miss Baynie’s favorite album is definitely ‘Take me home’ or ‘Made in the AM’ and during one direction her favorites were Louis or Niall, but now it's Harry.

Mrs Hughes

I have to say, after her being our official retreat DJ I feel like I should let everyone know that Mrs Hughes has incredible music taste. The retreat playlist was 10/10. But beyond that I think Mrs Hughes listens to ‘Britpop’. Think Blur and Pulp. I also feel like she has a guilty pleasure Spotify playlist that is all spice girls and sad songs from Grey’s Anatomy.

Ms Koppmann

Another teacher who I think listens to a weirdly specific genre of music and I don't know why, but I truly believe that Ms Koppman listens to party remixes of Disney songs. I don't know why, but I bet you all agree with me.

Mr Moran

After seeing Mr Moran’s feature in a previous Mary Word article where he sang along to Cascada’s “Evacuate the dance floor” I knew that Mr Moran was 100% without a doubt a Kylie Minogue fan. I also feel like he enjoys a bit of “5,6,7,8” by steps, and performs the choreography everytime, without fail.

Mr Mcdonald

I have no reason to believe this but nobody can convince me it isn't true. I honestly and truly believe that without a doubt Mr Mcdonald listens to Bagpipe covers of Dua Lipa songs. I told Mr Scali this and he laughed, so it must be true!

Mrs Parker

Now I have to be honest, I did have a little bit of help with this one, I popped into Mrs Parker's office to ask her permission to be included in this article and she stopped me and said, and I quote, “what music do I listen to? OH, who’s my boyfriend again?” and then proceeded to show us one of Luke Combs music videos. So there's that. I also feel like when she’s sitting in her office staring out into the LRC she’s listening to Gregorian chant or ‘Oceans’...Maybe ‘Testify to love’ if she’s in a really good mood.

Ms Ashton

One day, for reasons I could not tell you, I was searching through Youtube in an attempt to find orchestral covers of pop songs, and I came across a Youtube page called the ‘Gaga Symphony Orchestra’ they do really cool covers of pop songs and I definitely think that while Ms Ashton does enjoy a bit of pop or rock here and there, she usually prefers the orchestral version.


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Feronia Ding
Feronia Ding
Mar 23, 2022

a really fantastic evaluation and analysis. great job


Emma Frank
Emma Frank
Mar 23, 2022

this makes so much sense. slayed.


Maia Henville
Maia Henville
Mar 23, 2022

phenomenal work. i did cackle

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