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Note from the Editors:

October is an exciting month for everyone all over the world! From the highly anticipated release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) to Halloween to returning to school, we are excited to announce the latest issue of The Mary Word. 


Hallowed be Thy Word” will be an issue with various media, including articles, podcasts, polls and comics, centred around Halloween and Taylor Swift. 


We are honoured to release our very first issue as a part of the new 2023/24 team, and we are so proud of all the members for supporting us as we still learn the ropes of leading the group. We have large shoes to fill after the incredible work the previous Editor in Chiefs accomplished and are so excited to strengthen the legacy of the paper with a fresh set of ideas, designs and skills. 



Happy Halloween and enjoy listening to the style(ish) album by Taylor! 

From The Mary Word Team

Featured Articles:



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