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Note from the Editors:


With much excitement, the new editing team is proud to present the latest issue of The Mary Word. Drawing upon Nordic tradition, 'The Midsummer Word', is a compilation of podcasts, comics, quizzes and articles which encapsulate the “midsummer” spirit in preparation for the incoming summer holiday season. 


After an interesting, but somewhat normal year, we hope to end it on a memorable note, with our unique take on the Summertime season. ‘Midsummer’ is a niche festival celebrated in mostly Scandinavian countries marking the summer solstice. Through the edition, you can read more about this fascinating festival. 


The issue builds anticipation for Christmas, a recap of 2022, and presents interesting angles in addressing political change brought about by the warmest season of the year. 


We hope you enjoy all the newest edition has to offer, and we look forward to the many issues to come.

From The Mary Word

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