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Note from the editors:

With the heavily anticipated Music Festival only days away, The Mary Word brings an assortment of all things music related to help you get into the spirit of the night.​

There are so many amazingly talented musicians out there, whether they be from overseas, Australia or even here at Loreto, and through this issue we hope to showcase some of the songs, albums and artists that have inspired us.​

For this edition, our brilliant team has created a variety of articles, playlists, poems, quizzes, videos and more! (see the multimedia/quizzes section). Additionally, we are launching two new podcasts and an advice column. From tips on how to spice up your Musical Festival day to a casting of teachers in musicals, the Mellifluous Word has it all!

We hope that you enjoy all that this issue has to offer, and we can’t wait to see you all on the big night!​

From The Mary Word.

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