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Stream and mountains

Poem: Charta Domum (Paper Home)

Rose Cunningham

By our books we were taught that women who ruled can be cool

But, badge on her chest, they followed the boy without one at school

Her book said she could defend with a sword word or pen

But in the real world she was too strong and bossy, she would be silenced instead.

The queen trained in her art, got treated as equal

But earning less than 80% of a males wage, she is treated as a sequel

In society we are put on display, like on a shelf, but Virginia Woolf said it herself

“No need to hurry, no need to sparkle, no need to be anybody but oneself,”

In A Room of One's own this quote was dictated

But We must be perfect and mild, so by the world we are tolerated

She could rule with her beliefs and values, be treated as a god.

But she was told “ you’re too radical, don't speak up, this movement is odd”

Cargo pants on an adventure, her book made her strong

But once again all she hears is "you're a freak and your wrong"

In our books we have banquets, and tummies full we could come out.

But she was told after lunch one day, you’re a pig, you’ll soon grow a snout

Taught by our books, heroes come in all colours shapes and sizes

Media said if you aren’t size 0 white and blonde, you are what everyone despises

Literature is the future and we read the lessons we aren’t told

It is magical and interesting and helps us be bold

When we open the pages, we learn without a fuss

Because these books are where change is, and change is with us.


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1 Kommentar

Feronia Ding
Feronia Ding
23. März 2022

Such an interesting and well-written poem Rose!

Gefällt mir
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