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Ask Mary

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Hail be thou sisters,

I’m here again and overwhelmed by the number of queries you all have for God and I to answer! I have just returned from my imprisonment in Munich for heresy and am delighted to guide you all on the path towards God and the values of a Catholic.

“Start here go anywhere”

- Mary

Hullo thy sister,

I recommend being more passionate about your classes and seeking a positive outlook towards the subjects you may not like. For example, I absolutely loved religion classes when I was younger due to my affinity with God.

Hope this helps,


Greetings kind dear,

I would suggest uniting with nature such as sitting near the pollen and maybe mother nature will prevent these allergies!

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”,


Hullo there,

I am supportive of whatever decision you make, but I recommend you NOT shave your head as I find hair is a nice winter coat for my body.

Wishing you all the best x


Salutations my friend,

Thank you for those kind words about my writing, it’s friends like you who I know will make a wonderful difference in the future! I’m sorry to hear about your struggles about feeling isolated. I know that no matter what, God will always make time to be with you and listen to your problems.

You can always write to me if you need to as I have found myself with quite a fair bit of time on my hands since I’m imprisoned! You should also accept that maybe isolation is a good thing as you’re able to discover your identity further.

Your good friend,


Hail my sister,

I would recommend simply accepting this fact as God has created this path for you. You never know, your teacher may be picking on you as they know you have potential…

Or not!

Best wishes,


Hullo, friend,

I am still a tad confused as to what you’re talking about! The last time I checked, the thylacines were still living happily down under and had not been made extinct yet.

Keep in mind that God does everything for a reason.


I have had a fabulous time answering all your wonderful queries! Please remember to ask me whenever you have a problem or need a friend.

“First Loreto, then the world”

- Mary Ward


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