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Winter is in the Air: Skiing Review

Written by Chiara B

In the last week of the holidays, I went skiing in Mt Hotham, Victoria.

For those of you who have never skied before, it basically involves strapping two bits of wood to your feet and hoping you don’t run into some trees. The snow in Australia varies, sometimes skating over ice for half the mountain, other times you ski into a pile of thick fluff and lose sight of your feet.

Last week, the visibility on the mountain was extremely poor, sometimes not being able to really see the snow at all. This made it difficult to ski, particularly as there was always someone on every side of you. However, if you did get a glimpse through the clouds, the view was spectacular.

When the winds pick up (they can get up to 100km/h) it becomes a bit harder, though sometimes it can move you from a standing start. Sitting on the chairs is the coldest, with the wind buffering you from all sides, but laughing at the people who fall below you helps to pass the time.

If you get a chance, definitely go to the snow this season, even if it is only to throw a snowball at someone!


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