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Where are they now? The Bachelor & Bachelorette

By Maddison Pauly

It’s 7:30pm on Wednesday night. You just settled down on your couch in front of your tv, or in some people’s case, you just settled down with your laptop and typed up ten-play (this is not sponsored). It’s bachelor night. Ready for another night filled with romance, tears, drama, catfights and people complaining about why they still haven’t gotten a single date yet.

Six weeks fly by and it’s time. It’s the finale. The girls are in the car, driving to either find their true love or to have their hearts completely crushed and find out that they just wasted a whole six weeks pining over a guy that has no interest in them. The first car door opens, and everyone knows the first girl never wins. Your heart beats faster. The camera pans to the face of the girl and nooooo... it’s your favourite. But why be surprised our favourites never win. Another season down, another heartbreak.

A couple of months have now passed, and you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and see a picture of an ex bachelor and you wonder, where are they now? Well, keep reading if you’re interested in finding out where some of the ex-bachelor/bachelorette contestants are now.

First Season of the Bachelor:

In the first season of Australia’s bachelor, we were introduced to Australia’s first-ever bachelor, Tim Robards. At the end of the season, Tim Robards choose Anna Heinrich and I can easily say that it was the right choice. On May 24th, 2017 Tim and Anna announced their engagement and in June 2018 they finally tied the knot in Italy. The couple has now been together for six years and have both appeared on Australia’s ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here’ as well as Tim being a regular on the Australian drama ‘Neighbours’.

Second Season of the Bachelor:

A year past since the first bachelor episode appeared on our screens and because the last one was such a success, they decided it was time for a second season. Our second season of the bachelor introduced us to Blake Garvey (also formerly known as Australian’s most hated man). The second season ended with Blake proposing to Sam Frost, which was a big mistake as only a couple months after the show ended, the couple called in splits. Not only did the couple split up but Blake went running back to the second runner up of the Bachelor, Louise Pillidge. That was five years ago, today we have no idea where Blake is as he chooses to stay out of the spotlight, but it rumoured that he has another mysterious girlfriend. As for Sam Frost, well she went on to be Australia’s first bachelorette, but we’ll get there a little later.

Third Season of the Bachelor:

The third season of the bachelor (yes, they still decided to go with a third season even after the train wreck of the second season) has us introduced to Sam Woods. At the end of the season, we saw Sam gives his final rose to Snezana Markoski, who also happened to be a mother. The couple is still together today but that’s not all as a few months after the show finished airing (December 2015 to be exact), Sam popped the question to Snezana, and she happily accepted. But the story doesn’t end there because, in October of 2017, the couple introduced a new baby girl, Willow into the world. In November 2018, the couple finally got married in Byron Bay and on July 23rd, they welcomed Charlie Lane Wood to the world.

First Season of the Bachelorette:

After Sam Frost, got her heart broken on the Bachelor, she decided to give this show another try but this time as Australia’s first bachelorette. At the end of Australia’s first bachelorette season, we watched as Sam choose Sasha Mielczarek over Michael Turnbull (who is now engaged to Natasha Candyce after just one year together) and Richie Strahan (keep reading to find out what happened to him). The couple was pretty solid after the show ended but after eighteen months together, they decided to call it quits. We’re still confused as to why, but rumours say that Sam broke up with Sasha because he was too controlling. As of now, Sam is a regular on one of Australia’s longest-running shows, Home and Away, and is happily dating a guy named Dave Bashford. As for Sasha, he is still believed to be single.

Fourth Season of the Bachelor:

We fell in love with him in season one of The Bachelorette, our hearts broke with him when he was sent packing (although we don’t really feel so bad for him after Bachelor in Paradise season two). Riche Strahan was Australia’s fourth bachelor and at the end of this season, we saw him paired with a single mum, Alex Nation. This couple lasted for a pretty long time, but it was roughly estimated that the couple split up sometime around August 2017. We’re still unsure about the reason for their breakup but from what we can gather, the main reason they decided to call it quits was long distance. As of today, Alex and Richie both appeared on season two of the bachelor. Towards the end of the season, Richie walked out on Cass (from Honey Badger’s season of Bachelor) and we saw Alex walk out of paradise hand in hand with Bill (from Ali’s season of bachelorette) but the couple, later on, broke up.

Second Season of the Bachelorette:

In this season of the bachelorette, we were introduced to (my personal favourite) Georgia Love. By the end of this season, we saw Georgia turn down Matty J and choose Lee Elliot (also known as the guy who brought a donkey on the first night). I can happily say that this couple is still going strong and they have recently moved in together.

Fifth Season of the Bachelor:

After Matty J got his heart broken on Georgia Love’s season of the bachelorette, he decided to give reality shows another try. At the end of this season Matty J (after breaking the fan favourites heart, Tara) chose Laura. Today, Laura and Matty are engaged, as well as them only recently introducing a new baby girl into the world on the 19th of June. It is quite safe to say that the couple is in it for the long haul.

Third Season of the Bachelorette:

In season three of the bachelorette, the producers were struggling to find someone who had already appeared on one of the previous seasons of the Bachelor, so they decided to call in someone familiar with having a camera shoved in their face, Sophie Monk. I think it’s fair to say that Sophie didn’t have the good of a selection but in the end, she chose Stuart Laundy (who was still married to his ex). The couple lasted for three to four months in the outside world but decided they were best friends. As of today, who knows if Stuart is seeing anyone but for Sophie, she is happily dating someone named Joshua Gross, who she can’t wait to marry as stated in many interviews.

Sixth Season of the Bachelor:

Going with the current theme of the last season of the Bachelorette, the producers decided to bring in someone else seen on television before, Nick Cummins (or most commonly known as the Honey Badger). This was a rough season, to say the least. When it got down to the final three, we were certain Brooke was going to win, but at the last rose ceremony she decided to walk out (since then she has found love with a guy named Nick, déjà vu much). It came down to Brittany and Sophie, and we had no idea what way it was going to go. In the end, Nick chose himself, for the first time in Bachelor history, Nick turned down both girls and walked away. As of today, Nick isn’t rumoured to be dating anyone. As for the two girls who were left in Noumea, Brittany is happily single, but Sophie is believed to be dating a mystery man.

Fourth Season of the Bachelorette:

Ali, the girl whose been on both the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise and still has had no luck decided to give being the Bachelorette. This season was a blessing as we all got to experience falling in love with Todd but unfortunately, Ali didn’t (some of the hearts are still recovering from his brutal dumping) and chose to be with Taite. Today the couple are still madly in love and Todd is still single for some strange reason.

Now that I’ve updated you on all the past bachelor and bachelorette couples, you can now be up to date and watch the next season of the bachelor which is already on our televisions (or ten-play for some).


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