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'Trash' - Book Review

By Mia Jones and Eliza King

This book is written by Andy Mulligan and is about a boy called Raphael who lives in a world full of trash. Raphael finds a bag full of money and he is getting chased by the police for it. I wonder if Raphael and his friends can escape the police.

I would have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it was certainly a good one.

In the novel Mulligan tries to communicate that children couldn’t live in a world of corruption. He showed this in the scene where Raphael got physically abused by the police.

I would have enjoyed the novel more if Mulligan had written it differently with more interesting, intriguing cliff hangers and language. I was quite disappointed with the ending because it didn’t really leave any room for a sequel and in some parts when, they were in the trash it didn’t really sound realistic. It would have been better written in the present.

I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars because of the message communicated throughout the novel, this was that children should not live in fear and in a world of corruption. It had some interesting scenes. I was also impressed at how Mulligan told the story in different perspectives.


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