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Tiktok Famous?

By Maddie Pauly and Maddie Playford

It’s the app that’s sweeping the world: TikTok. No, not the song that Kesha released in 2009, but the app where people lip sync or dance to their favourite songs. If you don’t currently have it downloaded on your phone, chances are someone you know does (and it’s just a matter of time before you do). The appeal of TikTok is unknown. Is it the funky dances and vines someone across the world makes? Is it the chance that you might become TikTok famous? And we all know what a blessing getting on the #foryou page is.

With the upcoming Year 12 graduation, we thought everyone might appreciate our seniors at their finest—recreating some of the trendiest TikToks yet. So, remember, hit that ‘like’ button, comment and share. Let’s get this on the #fyp #foryou!!

Check it out:

Shout out to all the Year 12’s that featured!!

Editors Note: Don't worry teachers- the video is unlisted on youtube, so it is not searchable or accessible to the public


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