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Stream and mountains

Things Only Normo Girls Understand

By Abigail Roberts

1. Everyone’s favourite song

2. The walk of shame to Student Services when you’re late yet are without an ID card

3. You on Sunday vs you on Monday

4. That moment when Barry won Music Fest after almost 3 decades…

5. When Shem toasts your cheese sandwich for free

6. Seeing a fluro green vest when walking up/down the hill and realising you have to get your hat out of your bag

7. When your daily cardio is walking up the stairs in the GBC

8. Or walking up the hill…

9. The time it takes to put on your winter uniform vs summer uniform, especially when you have PE

10. Whoever says having 200 fifteen second conversations are impossible, hasn’t been to set dance

11. Walking down the hill and wondering whether the passing train is an express train or your train…

12. The BEST two weeks of your life!

13. And also the two weeks where you gain more appreciation for this tool than ever...


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