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The Met Gala's Most Esoteric Outfits

Anika Banerji

Often referred to as “fashion’s big night out”, the MET Gala is the annual event that consistently delivers A-list celebrities esoterically dolled-up for their red-carpet moments. 2021’s gala was remarkable, and definitely one to remember, with the likes of Kim Kardashian-West dressed in an all-black Balenciaga catsuit, being dubbed as a “dementor” and Grammy Award winner, Lil Nas X, dressed in an all-gold suit of armor. From 1948 when the event was first inaugurated, to 2021, the splendorous style of celebrity personalities never fail to grasp the attention of the paparazzi, fashion-pop magazines or the rest of the world.


The theme of this year's MET Gala being “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”, celebrities pulled out all stops, with Kim Kardashian-West dressing in an all-black, head-to-toe, Balenciaga gown, with a face-obscuring headpiece. Allegedly, she spent more than $10 000 USD on her hair extensions alone!

LIL NAS X, 2021

Arriving with a three part ensemble, Lil Nas X’s outfits were incredible, the most memorable of which being his gold suit of armour. Many said that X pulled a “Lady Gaga” number, with the exorbitantly created Atelier-Versace piece. Especially being his first ever MET Gala, his inauguration at the event was one to remember; with

many taking to the media to remark on such with many commending his efforts, and some trolling his trilateral outfit.


The 63 year old’s debut at the MET Gala was particularly a red-carpet moment to remember, from her teal, draped Valentino Couture dress, accompanied by an enormous, floral headpiece - apparently adhering to the chosen Catholic theme. Many, however, were perplexed by this abrupt change in fashion; from her once utilitarian and conservative style, to her more extravagant and esoteric look.

CARDI-B, 2018

Then pregnant with her first child Kulture, Cardi-B dressed in a custom, Moschino,

over-the-top creme piece for her first ever Gala in adhering with the theme of “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. Cardi B’s entire outfit, from the headpiece, choker, gown and quintessential trail was ornate with jewels, and pearls.


The theme of “Commes des Garcons” had the entire world in captivation and anticipation of how celebrities would contribute their own, artistic and creative flare upon such. Rihanna’s architecturally intricate dress was marvelled at, due to it being a new selection from luxury designer, Guo Pei’s, April runway.


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