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The Dean and Davina Scandal- A Married at First Sight Meltdown

By Kaitlin Pauly Year 12

If you have any form of social media or own a television, then you would be quite aware of two people by the names of Dean Wells and Davina Rankin. Now their ‘fling’ would have been a very underrated and normal happening if it had not happened on national television and if they were not married to other people. Awkward. I mean they had married strangers but is that an excuse. There is a lot of questioning as to whether what they part took in should be considered cheating or harmless flirting. If you are one to have a say on the matter, let’s look at how this relationship shake up occurred. Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel (Pictured on the Left)I think all of Australia was hesitant when it came to who Dean would be partnered with. Let’s just say his ideal woman was very specific. If you’re on this show however you have to be quite open to whoever your partner may be, even if they are not what you pictured. I mean if you’re on a show called Married at First Sight your perfect partner has clearly been hard to come by, especially when you have a long list of characteristics, or in Dean’s case, physical features you desire in a partner. Then we have Tracey, the mother of one and on first impression a good match for Dean. The wedding goes smoothly; Dean being quite physically attracted to Tracey, however I’m not sure if his connection is more than skin deep. Both are pleased with the match and everything goes as well as it can the first couple weeks of their marriage. Then we skip to the first dinner party where eyes begin to wonder and certain people’s feelings are forgotten. Dean is by fate placed in front of Davina in which both engaged in a harmless conversation. But was it really harmless? Dean walks away from the first dinner party with the new nickname “Deano” and a bounce in his step, neither of which had any relation to his wife, instead a possible mistress. I think it can be agreed that the commitment ceremony that followed was painfully awkward for everyone involved. The other couples, the experts, Australia and most importantly Tracey were confused when Dean had chosen to leave. Cleary Tracey was quite upset, as would any other person who was under the impression that there were no faults in their relationship, however Dean just simply wasn’t feeling it. He probably should have mentioned that to his wife.

Davina Rankin and Ryan Gallagher (Pictured on the Right)

Unlike Dean and Tracey the connection between these two was constantly on the rocks. Davina was looking for a typical man's man who was down to earth and caring. I think the experts matched these two quite well except for the fact that when Davina was given what she asked for she was disappointed. Tough girl to please. Ryan was over the moon however. Watching their wedding photos being taken it was clear that it was awkward, I was awkward, even those who weren’t watching could sense the uncomfortable and icy vibe Davina was pushing through the screen. Let’s not pretend the honeymoon was any better. He probably shouldn’t have spat his food out but man was that argument dramatic. I honestly began to wonder whether these to would separate over chewed food. Looking back on it now I don’t think they ever moved on, both becoming aware of each others habits and fiery nature, these two would never make it past the honeymoon stage confidently. Davina’s interests were increasingly sparked during the dinner party, but of course those feelings weren’t for her husband because that would make for bad television and poor ratings. She was hooked on “Deano”. From there on she and Dean began what would ultimately unfold as the beginning of the end for one couple.

Plot Twist

After a quick lunch meet up and consistent messaging back and forth between Dean and Davina it was clear that these two no longer had loyalties to their partners. Then came the secret pact at the dinner party, which might I add was sealed with the sacred bond of a pinky promise *gasp* (it's serious now), where both agreed to leave their partners and move forward in the experiment together. But that wasn’t going to happen either, Davina thought it would but Dean had second thoughts. The tension during the commitment ceremony though was on another level. Not only were their immediate partners, who might I remind everyone they are married to, not impressed, but neither were the other couples or the experts for that fact. It was then revealed that Dean had a change of heart in which he decided, what felt like out of nowhere, that he indeed wanted to stay coupled with Tracey, leaving Davina looking like a deer in headlights as she sat with leave already written. But rules are rules and because her husband Ryan was unaware of her pact with Dean he had written stay, so both Davina and Ryan had to continue their relationship for another week. Big Mistake. Huge.

The Controversial Points

  • Both Davina and Dean were married to other people, who obviously did not know about their plans.

  • Dean and Davina had agreed the night before the commitment ceremony, at the dinner party, that both of them would write leave but rejoin the experiment as a new couple.

  • During the commitment ceremony Dean confessed to his plans with Davina however did not extend on the details before cutting Davina off

  • Not only had Dean betrayed his wife Tracey but he had also misguided Davina Then came Davina, who had previously boasted about Tracey being the closest friend she had in the experiment, faces the fact that not only had Dean now denied her but her husband Ryan was regretting writing stay. In Ryan’s defence fair enough.

  • Tracey, despite having written stay was then given the option to leave as well however Ryan who went through the same ordeal was not given the same option instead he had to stay with Davina. How is that fair?

  • For many what was most confusing was when Tracey returned and stated that she wanted to remain coupled with Dean. What?

I know it is all very confusing and very complicated. This is only a summary of the events that unfolded which is extremely simplified. SPOILER ALERT if you are up to date with the series then you would know that Ryan and Davina are no longer on the show as Ryan struggled to regain trust and look past the incident. Dean and Tracey are still continuing on the show however I would not put all my eggs in one basket with these two. Dean is on probation and he knows it.


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