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The Brightness of Laziness

Sanjana Ramachandran, Year 12

We have too much to do when we are in school or work. We have too many tasks to do; if we don’t do them, we face consequences. For example, if you don’t do an assessment, you don’t get a report and then you don’t get into university and then get a job and so on. It is easy to leave all our tasks to the last minute and decide to take a packet of chips, sit on a couch and watch Netflix. Yes, it is called being lazy.

Laziness has become an epidemic- it is clearly evident in people’s need to use emojis to express their emotions.

But you know what? Although too much of laziness its bad, there is a bright side about postponing everything.

Have a look below to uncover more:

#1 Being lazy allows your body to relax and rest

In our high-speed high-stress lives, we are constantly inundated with demands, obligations and responsibilities. Sleep doesn’t cure laziness. Why? Even when we are ready in bed to call it a night, we keep thinking about our to-do lists for next day especially if you have to do year 12 assessments like me. So, it is important to just relax your body without setting a timer. My favourite ways to relax include: Sipping tea while listening to music, doing yoga and meditation, doing cardio workouts, watching a movie, taking my dog for a walk or just having an afternoon nap.

# 2 Being lazy reminds you of the reason behind your activities.

Have you felt joyless after constantly doing certain tasks over a long period of time? Do you feel compelled to say ‘yes’ to the party of which you don’t even know the host? Laziness can provide you with the opportunity to reassess your personal values in terms of relationships and allows you to prioritize your time with activities you crave to do rather than feel obligated to do.

# 3 Being lazy allows new possibilities to emerge

How can you fit in a new hobby into your life if you have no time? By deliberately choosing to be lazy, you’re creating space in life for new opportunities. Perhaps you could arrive at a decision to move to a new country if you sit under a tree and daydream. Such exotic possibilities could only arrive if you have room to receive them. Spending time with other friends who are lazy can also improve social wellbeing!

So, if you get called a ‘sloth’ for being lazy, you can tell people they are wrong!


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