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Written By Ariyana Hossain, Year 12

With graduation looming closer and closer, there is an abundance of emotions circulating around Year 12 as we experience our very ‘lasts’ at Normo. The last Wednesday recess, the last ever hand-in, the last scramble to student services (praying you didn’t forget your ID).

And with this being my last contribution to the Mary Word I thought it would best suffice to write about graduation in the one way all people can relate: memes.

1) Everything comes along pretty quickly. When you’re in Year 7, the ‘Class of 2018’ or the ‘Class of 2023’ seems light-years away—but it’s really not. I distinctly remember being in junior years, looking up at Year 12s thinking ‘thank god I’ve got years left’.

So it’s no surprise that once graduation does come along, it’s surreal to say the least, and it probably won’t hit you right away.

2) The dreaded question you’ll get all throughout Year 12 from left, right and centre.

3) The honest truth about post-grad plans. That is, until you realise you’ve got a little something called the HSC looming ahead 😬

4) After going through 13 whole years of formal schooling, with its set structure and stability; it’s easy to feel disoriented and a little bit terrified at the prospect of leaving all that.

Any student will relate to the feeling of knowing the exact week and date during the school term, and then having absolutely no clue what month it is in the entirety of summer holidays. Jumanji has never been more relatable.

Of course that does mean you have the benefit of catching up on years of sleep.

5) Realising that different people have vastly different reactions to the idea of leaving school and moving into the wider world. You’ll have lots of tears, maybe a meltdown here and there, excitement, but also a sense of indifference for some.

Or if you’re anything like me, you’re living in denial, shushing every single person that asks “how many days do we have left??”

Whether you’re completely over the idea of school or absolutely dreading the idea of leaving, it’s important to recognise that everyone’s in the same boat and that it’s normal to feel a rollercoaster of emotions.

6) With the HSC right on the heel of graduation, it’s especially important to keep perspective—don’t overwork yourself, have faith in the fact that you are more capable that you think, and remember the bigger picture.

Regardless of how you started at Loreto, whether it was a positive or negative experience, the process of leaving is probably more important.

To those in younger years; graduation will come sooner than you think, so make the most of the time that you have. When your time comes around to cringe at your 7-12 transformation, what you’ll take with you are the memories of bonds cultivated with friends across all different year groups and some pretty amazing teachers—the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt from my time at Loreto is that the people are what make a school, not so much the other way around.




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