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One Last Word From The Teachers…

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

By Lauren M, Josephine E, Katrina, Belle B, Olivia K and Niamh

“I’m going to miss the year 12s… they’re a beautiful group of girls” - Mrs Ossowski

With the term wrapping up soon comes the holidays getting closer, exams drawing nearer, and inevitably, the Year 12s graduating. We can confidently say that all us girls will miss our beloved Year 12s, from tutor group memories and quick chats in the corridors, we will all miss you so much!! I think the only ones who may rival us are our one and only teachers. So, here we have a collection of teacher’s advice, quotes, reminiscent muck-up days and favourite memories with our Year 12s…

Best advice:

With the HSC drawing near, we’re sure there will inevitably be the odd late night cram and stressed study sessions, so, what is our teacher's advice for this?

“Really, first of all you need sleep” - Mr Moran

“Watch some stupid television, watch something that makes you laugh and go to bed” - Mr Moran

“Ask 1000 questions!” - Mrs Elcogi

“Be happy, don’t worry” - Mrs Zorabi

Inspirational quotes

“Go and set the world on fire - in a metaphorical sense” - Miss Ossowski

“I have great faith that they’re going to grow up to become real change-makers in the future” - Miss Ossowski

“I’ve been working here for three years, and this year was special” - Fernando

Muck-up days:

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our teachers' favourite muck-up day memories.

“I dressed up as a spaceman, I had a big silverhead and had gold gumboots on and went down to the station and ran around the station” - can you guess who?

“Was just water-bombs” - Mr Chesterman

“Playing sport, table tennis, hanging out with friends… the whole year group comes together with that sense of fun and play” - Mr Madigan

Favourite memories:

“The football banter with Year 12s” - Mr Moran

“They came EVERY SINGLE DAY to say hi or to buy a coffee” - Fernando

“Always happy to stop by an have a chat” - Mr Madigan

One last word:

How would our teacher’s describe our Year 12s in one word?







We will miss you Year 12s!! x


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