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Mrs Oxley; Justice for the Birds

A quick note from Isobel Chambers and Eleanor Adlam

We were shocked and confused - some may say bewildered - when, returning to class from recess, we saw it.

Why was Mrs Oxley in a tree?

Then it hit us, a lorikeet, in grave danger. It dangled high above the main quad as its life flashed before its eyes. But, Loreto's Mother Nature, renowned agriculture teacher and mathematician extraordinaire, Mrs Oxley had enlisted the help of the maintenance department, coming to the bird's rescue.

"Everyone stood in amazement," recalled eyewitness Eleanor Adlam, "Who knew that a maths teacher one day, would be a hero the next."

"she scaled the ladder with no fear ... Her bravery inspires us all."

- Ciara Hartnett remains in awe from the encounter.

But after talking with Mrs Oxley, it has become apparent that the matter is more serious than I make it out to be;

"It was our rubbish that tied it to the tree,".

It is with this information that our community must see the environmental injustice that traumatised the wildlife of Loreto. It is our responsibility to pick up our rubbish, or instances like this will continue to place our animals in danger. Students must take initiative to ensure an improvement is seen - if not for the birds, to prevent Mrs Oxley from scaling that ladder again.


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