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Movie Review: Double the Incredible with Incredibles 2

By Inara Hossain Year 7

This may seem a little late but this movie deserves a review.

This June, Pixar gave us a new movie that we have waited for a long time, and that movie is Incredibles 2 (which you can tell from the title). This review does not include any spoilers.

Incredibles 2 is the sequel to the 2004 hit movie The Incredibles. Since it’s been a while since the first movie, there are a new members in the cast. Spencer Fox was replaced with Huck Milner since they needed a younger voice actor for Dash; but age is no matter Violet’s voice actor is 48 year old Sarah Vowell! There is also another voice actor for Jack Jack, in the last movie there were two voice actors for Jack Jack: Eli Fucile and Nicholas Bird as Monster Jack Jack. Aside from that, all the other actors except for the old villain come back.

Believe it or not, this movie is a big improvement from the first movie. Which is insane, since the first Incredibles was mind blowing. In this movie Helen Parr aka Elastigirl gets a ‘secret’ superhero job which leaves Bob Parr aka Mr Incredible by himself taking care of Violet, Dash and Jack Jack. He had a very rough start but eventually gets a hang of it.

There is also new suit for Elastic Girl which I can’t tell you about so…anyway Jack also got a new suit (his very first suit). We also get much better CGI since technology has evolved a lot. You can see this difference with the new CGI, for example, there are much more details you can see every little piece of wool in their clothes which is pretty amazing.

There are also tons of new characters that we all enjoy watching. With all these characters it leaves us with a ton of action. There are many family moments that come across in all the action, which is what makes this movie a great movie to see with family or even friends. So go and watch it before it leaves theatres! Just don’t expect the cinema filled with children. There will mostly be older kids who have stayed loyal since the first movie and they don’t care how old they are, they’ll be there. You might even see some tears...but mostly laughs.


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