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Motivation Tips

Tips on how to stay motivated during times like these!

By Maanya Maini and Kate Forman

Keep organised - Use your diary or an organiser to plan yourself, daily, weekly or even monthly to help you stay on top of your school work for each subject (notes, homework, assignments).

Stay Busy - When you have lots to do, time goes by quickly. So consider engaging in some of your hobbies like cooking, baking, reading and exercise. You can use activities that are non school related to motivate you to complete your school work more efficiently.

Organise your room - light a candle, reshuffle your furniture or clean out your wardrobe. A cleaner and more organised work space can be a great way to clean your headspace.

Keep small goals - By setting small targets, you can slowly chip off at your workload. Remember to keep your goals SMART! Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. When making these goals, ask yourself a couple questions;

○ What do you want to do?

○ How will you know when you’ve reached it?

○ Is it in your power to accomplish it?

○ Can you realistically achieve it?

○ When exactly do you want to accomplish it?


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