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Most Ridiculous Laws Around The World!

By Elizabeth Ie, Elizabeth Eade, and Brooke Kilmurray

Keeping on the theme of justice, here is a compilation of 12 different laws around the world that are so ridiculous it is unbelievable! Remember to keep these in mind the next time you travel!

TURIN, ITALY: Walking your dog!

Think your pooch is spoiled? In Turin, Italy, it is illegal not to walk your dog at least three times a day! Dog owners can expect a fine of up to €500 ($815 AUD) if this law is not followed. Too bad if it’s a rainy day!

SCOTLAND: Needing the Toilet?

Caught short out in public? By law, the Scottish cannot deny you the use of their home toilet! Whilst this law has not been officially authorised by Parliament, it is an extension of old Scottish common law and has never been retracted!

SAMOA: Forgetting Your Wife’s Birthday!

They say that “the best way to remember your wife’s birthday forever is to forget it once”, however in Samoa, if this occurs more than once, husbands are fined and can serve up to five years in jail! Better ensure the birthday is on the calendar!

GEORGIA, USA: Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross the Road?

In Gainesville, Georgia, it is illegal to let your chickens cross the road! The law requires the owners of chickens, ducks and geese to ensure that their animals are under control at all times, specifying that they cannot “run at large upon the streets or alleys of the city”!

SINGAPORE: No Chewing Gum!

Since 1992, Singapore has considered chewing gum a criminal offence! To keep public spaces clean, fines can range from a whopping $1,000 to $100,000, and even 2 years in Jail. So, when planning your next trip, be sure to leave your Hubba Bubba in the comfort of your own home! I’d suggest a breath mint instead if you’re looking to keep your mouth fresh and fragrant.

The loophole: People are exempt, if it can be proven that their gum is for medicinal purposes e.g. dental and nicotine gum - hint: maybe grab a doctor’s certificate?

PORTUGAL: Don’t pee in the Ocean!

It's no well-kept secret that we’ve ALL done this before (in the pool or the ocean). Even though it's incredibly difficult to catch one in this act, please hold it actually as you’re better safe than sorry! Keep in mind, the Portugal Police can fine you up to 750 pounds. You need that money for your Euro summer!

GREECE: Stilettos are a NO-GO!

Ancient History Warriors Unite! Though it may sound ridiculous, banning high heels around certain monuments (like the Acropolis in Athens)  is quite logical.  For the sake of historical preservation, heels can damage these endangered sites. Let's play our part in conserving the past!

CANADA: No Whistling

If you’re a loud person, please consider toning it down before travelling to Petrolia, Ontario. 

One law makes it abundantly clear that no shouting, whistling, yelling, or singing is permitted at any time. What a party pooper!


Who knew that having fun whilst flying a kite could ever be considered Illegal? Well, Victoria happens to be the place. If a kite ever happens to ‘annoy’ someone, the maximum fine is a whopping $826.10. So, if you ever visit, keep your kite in line or be prepared to face the sky-high fines!

FLORIDA, USA: Singing Laws

 Ever heard of a beach party but without the music? Well, In Florida it is illegal to sing whilst in your swimsuit. Crazy right? 

The South Australian, Knock and Run AKA the Ding Dong Ditch

For those who played the classic childhood prank ‘Knock and Run’, Prankster’s Beware! One wrong move in SA could land you with a hefty fine. 

SPAIN: No Sandcastles! 

Imagine, you're at the beach, about to craft your masterpiece, a sandcastle. But, if you're in Spain, for some beaches, sandcastles are a no-no.



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