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Loreto’s Hottest 50: Voting Open!

Emilia Weeding

We’ve all heard about triple j’s hottest 100 where there is a massive countdown of 100 songs voted by Australians. However, this iconic countdown was in desperate need of that Loreto touch and the Loreto Spirit we all proudly hold. Which is why the bursary committee has created Loreto’s Hottest 50 in celebration of 50 years of music fest. We are asking everyone in the Loreto community to vote on your favourite songs from a huge list of past songs sung over the 50 years of music fest.

50 years of music fest is a major milestone for Loreto, meaning the traditional community event highlighted on all our calendars started in 1972. The event remained untouchable even though 2020 reworked aspects of music fest to align with covid guidelines. It did not stop us from learning our houses songs over zoom, then recording ourselves singing them, to being socially distanced and masked belting our songs outside while attempting to hear the faint piano.

Looking beyond the music fests we have experienced, with all 8 houses competing for ‘best house choir’ ‘best conductor’ ‘best accompanist’ and ‘spirit cup’. In previous years there were only 4 houses Mulhall, Mornane, Ward and Barry competing in music fest. The boarder choir were also contenders.

Voting Closes on Thursday the 24th of March, so make sure you put in your picks before it’s too late!

The bursary committee encourages you to donate when you vote:

If you’re not already keen enough for Music fest, which I bet you all are bursting with excitement! Loreto’s Hottest 50 will make the infamous day 50 times better.


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