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Kendrick Lamar: Concert Review

By Lara Al Amri

Kendrick Lamar is at 31-year-old American rapper, songwriter and record producer. Born on the 17th of June 1987 in Compton, California. Some of Kendrick original songs such as “pray for me” and “the king is dead” can be found in the block buster movie Black Panther. The Damn Tour is in support of his fourth studio album, “Damn.” which was released in 2017. Kendrick started with his American tour in 2017 and his world tour in 2018. He will be touring around Australia starting from the 10th of July in Perth and ending the tour on the 25th in Sydney.

Kendrick released two dates for his Sydney concerts the 24th and 25th of July, both concerts will be held in Qudeos Bank Arena in Sydney Olympic park. The song list includes songs from his older albums and some from his new album Damn, these songs include King Kunta, All the stars and LOYALTY.

At the concert the doors opened at 7:30pm. Kendrick’s opening act was SiR who played a couple of his own songs before Kendrick came on at around 9pm. The concert was amazing Kendrick started off the night with “Kung-Fu Kenny” and ended with “HUMBLE.” and for his encore he chose to sing “All the stars”. Overall the concert was amazing and went for an hour and a half.

Last night was the last night of his last show for this tour and I think it ended on a good note as he made the audience repeat after him that “I am coming back” so if you missed out on tickets this time don’t worry he will be coming back soon.


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