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How to Relax During the HSC

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

…because it’s going to be stressful.

By Abigail Ardron

1. Setting a schedule

Having a schedule to stick by, and finishing your study on time can give you something to look forward to. Finishing study by, say 5:30pm means you get the evenings to watch a movie or meet with friends and relax. It also means you aren’t studying every minute of the day, and you’re balancing life and study much better so you don’t feel deprived of a life.

2. Self-care

I cannot say this enough, but one of the most relaxing things to do is to spend an hour (or two) engaging in some serious self-care. Face mask; clay masks; exfoliating scrubs; glow masks; pore cleansers; anything. “Self-caring” refreshes and renews you, can you will feel more focused and calm, able to better get on with your study.

3. Read books

Reading books or magazines that you like and enjoy can serve as an enjoyable pass time and distraction that will let you forget about the HSC, even if just for a moment. You can also use it as your break time in between studying. Reading is a great way to ignore your responsibilities.

4. Meet friends

Meeting with friends when you have a morning off or an afternoon available is really important. It distracts you from your study (in a good way) and gives you a break from thinking about the HSC. It’s a great way to keep in contact with your friends as well whilst you’re all so busy.

5. Sleep

Getting proper sleep, as in at least eight hours of sleep, allows you to focus more and increase your productivity, which will decrease your stress and allow you to relax more, spending less time worrying about how much you have to do. Also, taking a nap if things feel too much is good too, you know.


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