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How to be more selfless

By Kayla Valenzuela

I’m sure we are all aware of the crazy situation we are currently in, with having to adjust to online learning and trying to find some toilet paper at the grocery stores. Over these last couple weeks, I have seen some pretty mean actions, mostly at Woolies, but I have also seen some amazing acts of kindness that show we are not alone and are fighting through this together. Those actions are what we all should be aiming at doing to help lift ourselves and each other through this. I’m sure we have all been listening to the news and are feeling a bit scared, but when I see others being kind to each other it helps reduce my stress and make me feel positive again.

Which brings me to my point of how you can be more selfless in these unprecedented times.

1. Smile at others

It all starts with your attitude! Something as simple as smiling more often to others can make your day and theirs too. Statistics show that those who smile more are more likely to live longer. Smiling can actually boost your immune system and your physical health, which we all need right now. So, another way to stay healthy, positive and happy is to smile! Smiling at others will brighten their day and make them happier. So, when you’re out next or even at home, take the time to smile at those around you, whether its your siblings, parents, friends or even strangers.

2. Try to actually think of others more – get out of your own head

Practice stepping outside of your own thoughts and problems and think about those around you, and those important to you. With all the stress and issues arising with the current situation, we should all me aiming at putting all those thoughts aside for a bit. Try focusing on how your neighbour, friend, family, community etc. are doing. If we all try to do this more and more every day, the pressures and stress will decrease and we all will feel more positive and happier!

3. Give more

Its as simple as that. Learn to be more generous and think of those who are having a tough time right now. Try to offer them help or advice. Giving more can also be through simple actions of kindness.

4. Love more

Practice sending and giving love to those around you, your friends, family, loved ones, even pets. Actions of love can make someone feel calmer and more positive. So, practice doing simple actions of love such as giving you mum a hug or thanking her after every meal. We are going to be spending lots of time with our friends and family, so showing love and being kind to them is super important.

5. Reflect

Its easy to get carried away with the pressures and stress, so taking the time to reflect each day can really calm you and make you feel ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. Take the time to be grateful for what you have and the important people around you.


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