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How Quarantine Significantly Improved the State of the Environment

By Amy Saad

Being stuck in isolation has been very tedious. However, while we were discovering new stages of boredom; our environment has improved massively.

Decreased Air Pollution

Carbon emissions are rapidly decreasing globally, notably with air travel and manufacturing halted. In China, carbon emissions were down 18% between February and March. This has avoided over 250 million metric tonnes of carbon pollution in our atmosphere. With the evident decrease in carbon emissions, many countries all around the world have seen a massive increase in air quality. In Europe, a study reveals that there have been 11,000 fewer deaths as a result of the cleaner air. These positive outcomes also apply all around the world including China, who have recorded an 85% increase in days with good air quality.

Biodiversity Returning

Many places from Venice, Italy to Adelaide, Australia have experienced a return of many animals due to the increasing state of the environment. In Venice, pollution in the canals has significantly decreased and sea creatures have been spotted returning to a cleaner habitat. In Adelaide, a kangaroo was spotted in the CBD. If this increase in the environmental state remains, we can see a hugely positive outcome globally.

However, if further action isn't taken, we run the risk of reverting to the careless ways of the past. COVID 19 has allowed us to increase the state of the environment and it is our job to maintain the improvement of our environment.


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