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How Has Tiktok Changed the Music Industry?

Tahlia Moses

It’s ironic really, that TikTok has changed the music industry completely. A social media app that has taken the world by storm.

We have this idea that social media only influences the aspects of our life in which we let it. But truly, social media is what has built the foundation for almost all social aspects of how we live. The music industry has since gained 67% higher interactive listener rates, from TikTok. When a song is viral on TikTok, it is more likely to reach the billboards chart, or Spotify Top 50 Trending. At one point, nearly all songs on the Spotify Hits Now playlist were songs entirely famous from TikTok!

When a song trends on TikTok, hundreds of millions of users can access post videos to the sound everyday. This is an endless cycle of publicity and fortune for these celebrities. But not only this, it is a huge way to become a celebrity! By promoting your own songs on Tiktok, you can single handedly promote yourself to millions of listeners of your songs, with the simple click of a button. But, this isn’t always the case. There's no exact way to freely ensure you will have secured views on all TikTok posts, it’s impossible to predict what will and won’t blow up on the platform- the algorithm works in many mysterious ways!

The Music Industry benefits from TikTok, and also works off creators on the app. Famous creators can earn millions just for posting a TikTok with an artist's sound. Talking about sponsorship, these are 15 and 16 year olds, dancing to 15 second songs to make millions of dollars. The power of social media and music!

However, does everyone love this idea? As much as we can see the artists benefiting from this, many fans share differing opinions.

Discovering unknown artists can truly bring out the competitive side of listeners, especially when those undiscovered D-list artists’ songs are then trending on TikTok! There is a community of listeners that truly shame the TikTok platform for ‘overhyping’ songs. Many fans have shared these rough opinions, shaming the listeners that now listen to these ‘overplayed’, ‘overused’ and ‘TikTok only songs’.

Furthermore, we can see not only is TikTok the social media sensation of our generation, but it is the biggest way marketing teams and rising celebrities can take off from. Whether you are a fan of the influence TikTok has had on the music industry or not, we can truly admire how successful this platform has become and helped others become too.


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