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House Horoscopes

By Isabelle Hessey


Aston, your horoscope shows that there is great love to be shared amongst yourselves. But beware, for another House has plans for greatness that may cause a hiccup in your foundation.


Barry, this month your horoscope says that in your House, you will discover a hidden talent amongst yourselves and your spirit really will shine through.


Kendall, this month may be your month. You will have the chance to make your mark and turn the tables in your favour.


Kuring-gai, in your House new bonds have been made and friendships have blossomed, but make sure you stick together for those bonds may be tested.


In the time leading up to Music Festival you may be pushed apart but you must stay united and connected at the heart.


Mornane, a mini crisis will prevail and you will make a decision to change your plans. However, you must remember that changing your mind is not a sign of weakness but of strength.


Hard work is being poured into pulling a performance together. You may have doubts along the way, but there is no need to worry because there is a unity burning within.


Ward, you are working together as one and even though things seem to be going smoothly, there may be a risk that will be taken down the track. Don’t forget that you are one and you must strive together.


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