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Giving Back This Christmas

By Inara Hossain

Christmas, is said to be a time for giving. But it seems we have forgotten this concept, and have gotten wrapped up in the idea of gifts and parties. Yes!, Christmas is a time of celebration and fun with family and friends, but we can’t forget about the true meaning of Christmas. While we may be fortunate enough to wake up with a Christmas tree with a present underneath and stockings full of candy, others aren’t as fortunate. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas or you don’t care much about it, you can still bring joy to others that do. For some, Christmas is the most magical and important time of the year. Your small action to give back can give someone so much joy. Someone who doesn’t have the best life and or home conditions can have this one day where they can just forget about their worries and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is really about. So here are a few Christmas organisations that you can help to give back this Christmas. At the bottom of each organisation, I have a link to where you can donate.

The Smith Family:

The Smith Family focuses on the education of children living in poverty. There are about 1.1 million children in Australia alone living in poverty, that’s one in six Australian children. On average these disadvantaged kids are 2-3 years behind in reading and math from the rest of the population. When that child is 15 years old the impact of those 2-3 years is devastating. The Smith Family creates learning programs to help these disadvantaged children. The link below will take you to the donation page of The Smith Family’s website if you want to donate any sum of money as anything helps.

The Pyjama Foundation:

The Pyjama Foundation focuses on children in foster care by having their volunteers the ‘Pyjama Angels’ go to foster homes and spend a few hours with them, reading out loud, playing educational games or just helping them with their homework. This helps those kids in foster care turn their lives around with a sound and effective education. Although the ‘Pyjama Angels’ work voluntarily, so without getting paid, it still costs to screen and train the ‘Pyjama Angels’. By clicking on the link below you can donate to The Pyjama Foundation so they can give children living in foster care the opportunity to get a solid education to turn their life around.

Barnardo’s Australia:

Barnardo’s is an organisation supporting children in family life. One donation can help so much. You can choose to donate a gift to a child in need so they can have presents underneath their Christmas tree or you could donate money to help children in urgent conditions. A donation of money goes towards urgent medical care, therapy and counselling, academic support and books and toys. You could help a child in an abusive household. A shocking statistic shows that 1 in 6 girls are sexually assaulted before their 16th birthday and many of these situations happen in homes. If you go to the website link below there is a story of one of these situations of a girl named Charlotte, I recommend reading her story. The link also will allow you to donate to this cause.


Starlight Children’s Foundation:

Starlight is a foundation working with sick children all over Australia. Their mission is to bring joy to all of the seriously ill children and their families. There are many children who instead of spending Christmas at home with family spend their day in a hospital with all sorts of needles and machines hooked up to them. By donating to Starlight you help children have a happier experience this Christmas while being in a hospital. By pressing the link below you can give the gift of joy to children in ill circumstances.

Those are just a few of the many organisations making Christmas a happier and fun day for many children. Your donation to one of these organisations can help bring joy this Christmas to many children in need.


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