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From Mary Word: Advice Column

Hail Fellow Sisters,

In this letter, you will find various responses to questions such as “How big is too big for Pearl Earrings?” and “How shall I slay this school year?”

My apologies for the late responses, post to Saint Omer has taken an awfully long time to arrive, but I have put quill to parchment and sought God throughout this answering process. I must say, I am overwhelmed with the number of responses and it saddens me that I can only choose a few to answer. Things have been fairly busy at the church as of late and dealing with Pope Urban III has been just a nightmare!

Remember girls, in times of need, refer all to God and everything will be ok.

Mary Ward.

Dearest Sister,

Why this is a question I have pondered for years, and my answer would have to be a modest pearl between 7-8mm in size. To go any bigger would be very pricey (pearls are hard to come by these days), and you wouldn’t want people thinking you are purposefully flaunting your wealth!

Stay humble sister,

Mary Ward.

My Dear Sister,

You are not ugly! No one in this world is ugly, we all have our own beautiful features, whether on the inside or out. Love yourself, be confident, and remember God is always with you. If you’re having more trouble, consider the lighting. I have heard it’s all about the angles.

Goodbye, my beautiful sister,

Mary Ward.

My Dearest Sister,

I must admit I was quite stuck on this question, pondering the meaning behind its words.. To the best of my knowledge, to slay is to put to death. I am assuming you are asking how you can kill your life to the fullest? If so, you shouldn’t kill your life. God is the only one who should have that power.

Kindest Regards,

Mary Ward

Hail fellow student,

Another slay question! My dear, I still don’t understand what this question means. Are you asking how you can kill this school year? I highly recommend you not.

“Thou shall not commit murder”

Mary Ward.

Dear sister,

Break up with him. No man only cheats once. Once a cheater, always a cheater. God would never cheat on you.

Praying for you,

Mary Ward.

Dearest student,

This was a problem I witnessed across several classrooms during my time as a teacher. My best advice for you would be to create a schedule and plan out all your time and assignments at least two weeks before they are due, you can even add in milestones, to keep you on track! I used this method whenever I needed to organise my visits to the orphanages and to Rome so I could have a rough idea of my plans for the future.

Remember not to fill your schedule with ballroom dance classes and needlepoint as they can be overbearing. Staying on top of your schoolwork is ever so important as you especially wouldn’t want to receive any nasty punishments.

Wishing you all the best in your academic endeavours,

Mary Ward.

Dear Solitary Sister,

We are strong, independent, women of our times. Do not turn a blind eye to these values. You do not need any man in your life to be successful and as such, do not need advice on how to get a boyfriend. When time comes, the right boy will approach you.

My advice is to choose God over all else.

All the best,

Mary Ward.

Hail struggling teacher,

As a teacher myself, I have had great experience in this. It's not your problem, it’s their problem. They are most likely misbehaving for a reason, so my advice is to seek the source of their problems, whether that be their lack of God or a need for extra support. But, if they get really mischievous, please do send them to me and I will surely straighten them out.

Wishing you all the luck in the world fellow educator,

Mary Ward.

To my fellow struggling mathematician,

I understand your pain and struggles with such numerical problems, hence why I decided to follow God all my life instead of pursuing my second choice, accounting. I think this question is one that not even God can answer, and so it must remain a mystery of the universe. Regardless of this, don’t quit Maths or my pal Albert Einstein will take out a vendetta against me, and as a certified nun I try to avoid this.

Praying for you and your future mathematical struggles,

Mary Ward.

Dear student,

I am unaware of the strange word of which you speak, ‘calculator’? Unfortunately, whilst I am fluent in many languages, I do not understand what you are trying to say, so I am not able to help.

My most grievous apologies,

Mary Ward.

Dear child,

I am sure your father still loves you, he may just not be showing it in the best way. In times like these, try and communicate this with him or turn to God as he loves everyone as their own, no matter what.

Hoping for the best,

Mary Ward.

Dear friend,

My best advice is for you to wait it out and God will take care of it all. In the meantime, do not stress, just pray and speak to God. Go make some other friends (remember that God is always your friend) and leave them to sort their own problems.

Good luck my friend,

Mary Ward.

If you are struggling or curious, please remember to ask me via the link below, and I will try my best to answer them all.

Until we write next time,

Mary Ward.


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