Frida Kahlo

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

By Charlotte Penning and Elina Banerji

Frida Kahlo. An artist. A survivor. An influencer. A true, born leader.

From a young age, Frida Kahlo dreamed of becoming a doctor. Bound for medical school and beyond, a single event changed her life forever.

A tragic bus accident shattered her ambitions and handicapped her for the rest of her life. Isolated in a dreary hospital, after being told that even if she did recover she would always have to live with and experience chronic pains - it was then that she returned to her childhood hobby; art - with no idea of how this would change and shape her life.

In recovery, and crippled with polio, she began painting self-portraits of herself. They depicted the values and virtues she had gained from her life-changing experience, as well as who she had become, how she had transformed, and how despite being in pain - she was happy.

Ever since the bus accident she has been one of the most inspiring and influential artists with a story that is as popular as her art. Kahlo’s biography has sparked innumerable books and an Oscar-winning film. Her distinct fashion and unibrow shows how original and unusual she was; her unique style got even more people's attention, and many became inspired by her awe-inspiring art.

Frida Kahlo manifested that she was a true leader because she exhibited resilience, perseverance, fortitude and tenacity, proving her an inherent leader. Frida Kahlo has influenced our art world, by creating vibrant, eye-opening masterpieces. Her inspirational story is still used today to spark evolution and confidence in our society.


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