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Don’t Make Me Go (but thanks for the memories)

By Isobel Chambers

"I can’t wait to graduate,” I repeated for years, “I’ll finally be free of these confines.”. Who was going to tell me how naive I had been?

As it draws closer, my resentment towards graduation grows greater. I know that I’m not alone, many of us are dreading the absence of our favourite routines. However, it is not that the rituals have been changed thanks to covid, but more the process of leaving a place of such opportunity and enrichment. I will be sad to have to leave the grounds for the last time but I am so incredibly thankful for the times I’ve had.

On a lighter note,

Ranking some fav Loreto moments, but they get progressively more chaotic;

1. Did a term of gymnastics solely to climb the big rope in the gym

2. I was a lead in light ent. in year 7 (I apologise)

3. Putting Edward Cullen in my year 11 Ext English IRP.

4. Neil Oliver cut-out brought into our ancient exam <3

5. Was the Kendall mascot in the mascot run in half-time of a student-teacher match #robbed

On a philosophical note,

What each of my subjects has taught me;

Ancient --> That you are capable of much more than you think, and that critical thinking is essential. Modern --> The world is a vast and fascinating place when you look closely. Visual Arts --> You can channel the emotion you feel (whether it be about school or other) into beautiful work. English --> The Loreto system is always here to support you, even if you are not getting something. Maths --> Don’t stick to rigid labels of a “Humanities person” or a “Stem person”, You can get enjoyment from both! SOR --> You should challenge your prejudice towards a subject you might not favour because when you look beyond that, it is vastly interesting.

With all this reflection, I’m reminded just how fun these years have been. Younger years, enjoy this time with your friends and teachers! I would love to stay in a state of limbo at Loreto, but I know that I have to move on with everything. I wish I could pull a Jordan Belfort “I’m not leaving!”, but I’ll have to sign off (resentfully) with the words of Miss Hannah Montana,

I always knew after all these years, there'd be laughter, there'd be tears. But never thought that I'd walk away, with so much joy but so much pain, And it's so hard to say goodbye.

But yesterday's gone, we gotta keep moving on, I'm so thankful for the moments So glad I got to know ya.”

See you back as a student teacher in 2024 #can’tgetridofme


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