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Did people age faster in the past?

By Zara Oong

We’ve all heard it before, a “glitch in the matrix” and while I’ve never personally experienced an account of a glitch - it seems the movement of puzzling occurrences with no logical explanations is trending like a wildfire. Although, I sometimes question with my friends the possibility of a simulation, the idea that everything we do is planned by something else. I often pose the following question – what if we’re like the typical game Sims, except we’ve worked out how to think for ourselves? What if we somehow create a game like sims and they learn to have a conscious? A never-ending cycle of simulations that are unaware of the simulation; sounds absolutely terrifying if I’m being honest.

Another interesting craze that complements the simulation theory, is the recent trend that has claimed that people aged significantly faster in the past- but what could be the cause of this? Preservatives, longer life spans, botox? Or maybe it’s our creators becoming better at our simulation, enabling us to live longer? Who knows, it’s all a bit daunting, but to quell your fears here are some killer tweets.

The tweets that arose as a response to the original tweet by Brandon McCarthy, claiming that people aged faster in the past - includes a range from balding 24-year olds who look older than 40 and young parents who honestly look like they could be their own grandparents.


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