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By Eliza King and Mia Jones (Year 7)

These marvellous snacks served in a paper bag are a recipe that all the school love. Either having them toasted or straight into the bag, they are above all the best thing in the cafe for only $2.70! These chocolate brownies are available before school, recess, or lunch! You may wonder how Chem makes new brownies every day. The truth is, he doesn’t, a lady in the kitchen named Mon makes these mouth watering wonders. For those wanting the recipe,unfortunately it is a closely held secret!

These delectable inventions are definitely worth waiting in line for (no wonder the line is so long). Though unfortunately, to those who have a nut allergy, you may not be able to experience this, as these chocolate brownies may contain traces of nuts. Brownies are the most popular item in the cafe, and there is no question why. On a cold winter's day, or just for brainfood, these brownies are definitely worth a try. Without brownies at Chem’s cafe, he wouldn’t get half as many customers! If you haven’t tried Chem’s brownies (which won’t be many people) get down to the cafe with $2.70 next time you are in need of brainfood, something toasted to warm you up, or just a good snack. You won’t regret it!


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