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Stream and mountains

Cats Take Over the Universe

By April Yang

When Myla had a cat; everything changed. From an ordinary cat, things have certainly transformed into chaos. There were cats scattered all over the place in traffic, including the town's place. The cats had a disguise underneath them.

Myla had organised a caretaker for her cat when she had her first job.

“What happened to my cat?” Myla cried as she arrived back home.

“Maybe some sorcery power behind it,” Skittles replied.

They went around the house scrambling like a stampede of elephants. Unfortunately, the cat was nowhere to be seen.

“Did we miss anything?” Skittles scratched her head.

“But we did search everywhere, right?” her friend replied.

Suddenly, the door opened as the wind started howling through the wooden door. On the mat, there was a piece of paper on top of it. It read:

“There’s a spell,

Your cat can do anything they may wish:

Clothes, accessories, eat any food.

If you want to find your cat

Here’s my address:

34 Bridgeton Street

P.S. You have a whole hour."

“Hmmm interesting,” Myla said.

Myla and Skittles stumbled upon a block of stairs down the hallway towards the exit. They bought tickets to Boughton, and up the carriage they went. It was rusty and crimson red painted with roses at the back of it. Many minutes had gone by and finally arrived, which took 20 minutes.

“40 minutes left,” Skittles said.

After an endless search of what seemed like hours, they finally found their destination. A spacious house painted with lashings of black, but the windowsills remained white. This place has felt gloomy like never before. They knocked on the door, and it automatically slid open.

“It was open the whole time?” Myla exclaimed.

“Shhh,” her friend warned her. “We’re trying to get your cat back, remember. We can’t let the witch notice us.”

“Look there’s stairs,” Myla whispered.

They crept up the spiral staircase, and after five minutes of climbing, they finally found the witch’s lair. It had a witch’s cauldron, with a vat of acid inside.

“That vat of acid is not a good sign,” Skittles whispered.

The mysterious figure covered in a black robe had their face concealed but only revealed her white hair. Then there was something that shocked Myla.

“Why is there a rope tied to a human?” Myla asked uncomfortably. “Is that?”

“Could it be?” Skittles said shockingly. “The riddle, Myla, isn't that your cat about to get dropped to the vat of acid?”

 Myla nodded back.

She couldn’t hold it and stomped out the door, “Where’s my cat?”

“It’s I, the one who has magical powers,” the figure said in a robot voice.


And unrevealed a robotic figure with an armour suit and two triangle ears with its ginger face. Myla had a huge shock on her face. It wasn’t a witch, nor a person. It was a pet. No, it was her pet cat all along. Though she was surprised that her cat could talk, it just meowed. Then the cat pointed to something hollow, wide and yellow, and it was a megaphone.

“Let's go,” Myla sighed as they took the cat with them.

“Wait, now it all makes sense, someone probably wrote a message that the cat scampered and couldn’t find her. Then wrote a note about the incident. We had the whole hour because the cat would do something dreadful.”

“Fair enough,” Myla replied.

They released the hostage and went back home.

Again, they went down the steps, and towards the exit. They took the carriage back home after a long, exhausting day.

Myla finally decided to watch her cat for the week as she had trust issues. After all, it was best for Myla to have a job that required her to stay home.


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