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Bachelor in Paradise: The Place of Love, Drama, Tears, Osher and a Free Holiday

By Kaitlin Pauly Year 12



· Michael Turnball (Sam Frost’s Season)

· Eden Schwencke (Sophie Monk’s Season)

· Mack Reid (Sophie Monk’s Season)

· Jake Ellis (Georgia Love’s Season)

· Blake Colman (Sophie Monk’s Season)

· Brett Moore (Sophie Monk’s Season)

· Sam Cochrane (Sophie Monk’s Season)

· Luke McLeod (Sophie Monk’s Season)

· Davey Lloyd (Sam Frost’s Season)

· Jarrod Woodgate (Sophie Monk’s Season)


· Tara Pavlovic (Matty Johnson’s Season)

· Keira Maguire (Richie Strahan’s Season)

· Laurina Fleure (Blake Garvey’s Season)

· Florence Moerenhout (Matty Johnson’s Season)

· Ali Oetjen (Tim Robard’s Season)

· Lisa Hyde (Blake Garvey’s Season)

· Leah Costa (Matty Johnson’s Season)

· Megan Marx (Richie Strahan’s Season)

· Nina Rolleston (Sam Wood’s Season)

So it began. The anticipated, highly advertised (a little too advertised) television series ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. Previous lovers from past series of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’, washed ashore the beaches of Fiji to once again be greeted by Australia’s leading man, Osher (the man, the myth, the legend). The familiar scent of rose petals and tears came flooding back with each passing face of the shows contestants. Some of them fan favourites, others…. well we won’t talk about that. Statistically speaking there were high rates of contestant’s from Sophie Monk’s season, clearly those boys were back and ready to begin the search for love again. However, there was some controversy over one of the boys, Brett Moore, who was rumoured to either have a girlfriend outside of the show or was only on the show to wait the entry of this rumoured girl. Drama, drama, drama.


Story 1: Florence, Jake and Davey

It was quite funny to watch the arrival of each new contestant as faces lit up with the glimpse of a mate, unless you’re Florence Moerenhout, in which seeing certain individuals, Jake Ellis, was a not so pleasant surprise. However, Davey Llyod helped to lift her spirits with his wit and good looks. This has to be the love triangle of the series because it saw the loss of one of our favourite boys. They were confused, I was confused, Osher was most likely confused. Here is a summarised timeline of events:

— Jake and Florence had a somewhat romantic history outside of the experiment

— They lost contact and the relationship thinned

— Enter paradise

— Jake came in keen to rekindle with Florence, who was not on the same page at she was already warming up to Davey

— Davey liked Florence, Florence liked Davey, Jake also liked Florence, Florence was uncertain about Jake, Jake and Davey liked each other but only as mates

— Davey was given a date card and wanted to take Florence but also wanted to respect bro code so he took Leah instead and Florence was not impressed

— Jake, despite Davey’s interest, took Florence on a date and they kissed under a waterfall, Davey was more disheartened by the breaking of bro code then the loss of Florence

— Then came the inevitable, tear jerking, gut wrenching rose ceremony, the moment that stops the nation

— It came down to Florence’s choice between Jake and Davey, in which she chose Jake making Davey the first reject of a group of rejects

— Florence regrets this choice almost instantly and at some point a champagne glass is broken during an argument between the two

— To make it worse, enter Meaghan Marx who selects Jake for a date at random, they kiss shock horror

— Florence, being the investigator she is spots makeup on Jake’s shirt in which he denies anything but a hug occurred, I scream liar at the TV

— Jake is conflicted at his love triangle which is maybe not a triangle, more a mess

— Rose ceremony round 2 Jake tries to get Michael to pick Florence, no so discreetly but nice try

— Jake is left to give a rose to either Florence or Meghan and picks Meghan leaving Florence a raging ball of anger

— End of story

Story 2: Michael and Tara

Now if two people could look cuter the world would be ending. These two deserve each other. But sadly if the audience is happy and couples appear to be connecting, the network has to go and destroy the peace. Enter Keira Maguire. Now she was a trouble maker in Richie Strahan’s season and was sent home prior to a rose ceremony, that would have been deflating so I do feel for her. But paradise is her playground and she wants Michael. And if you watched the date that occurred between Keira Maguire and Michael Turnball then you would also know that Tara Pavlovic was at this date in spirit. My, my, my has Michael taken a liking to Tara. Keira was friend zoned before she was on land. However, upon the return from the date Tara went a little icy towards poor Michael who had poured his heart out to Keira about Tara. Instead of a loving hello he was greeted by Tara having cuddled up with who was presumably Keira’s ‘partner’ Sam Cochrane. Safe to say he wasn’t happy. Tara said she was okay, but her tone suggested otherwise. Poor Michael was heartbroken and looking like a lost puppy whilst Sam impressed Tara with his David Attenborough impressed, which even I’d admit was quite good. The ultimate betrayal that broke Michael was when Sam was picked over him by Tara at the rose ceremony, seeing the official end to what could have been a beautiful relationship.

Tune in for the next edition of the Mary Word where we will continue the journey of reality TV and drama filled love on the Bachelor in Paradise



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