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Ask Mary Ward!

Nikie Yang

Forget about Dr Phil or Oprah. Mary is Loreto’s new counsellor!


Do you have a problem? Trouble with friends? Or you don’t have any friends at all? Well, Mary Ward is here to give you advice and help solve all your problems!

Here is what she said when asked about this new column:

“I think I am probably the best person to ask for help nowadays. I have been alive for about 4 centuries, so I personally think I am the most knowledgeable person (after God of course), especially having done everything from breaking up my nuns fighting, to convincing the Pope not to excommunicate me.”

- Mary Ward 2022

Our new Ask Mary feature is old-fashioned guidance for the modern girl. All her advice will give you a new perspective on how to handle any situation and turn to God when you need help – the most reliable advice giver!

Some reviews of Mary’s advice so far:

“She really helped me realise what’s important and what’s not, she’s allowed me to handle situations like all Loreto girls should: “to be kind and refer all to God.”

- Isobel Parry, (Year 10 Loreto Girl)

“She has inspired me so much with her actions and words. It’s really so powering and inspiring, I’ve decided to follow her footsteps and continue her mission.”

- Mother Teresa Ball (Founder of Loreto in Ireland)

“Mary Ward stands as a beacon of hope for our world today. A woman who loved the church yet was not afraid to speak her truth in the name of God.”

- Margret Kennedy (Chair of IBVM)

So, remember to reach out to Mary when in need of help, advice or just a friend to talk to so we can all “Become lovers of truth and women of justice.”



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