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All I Want For Christmas - A Review

By Sophie Andreou

Christmas songs… Quite possibly the most overplayed songs on the planet, however gets us into the festive season. And in the spirit of it being just over a month away from Christmas, I'll give you a song review on one of the most famous modern holiday songs

All I Want For Christmas Is You

by Mariah Carey

I think we can all agree that each and everyone one of us is very familiar with this famous festive season song. It’s a song that is consistently played every year during the lead up to Christmas, and even long after. Some even refer to it as a 'year-round banger'.

Mariah Carey released this song in her first holiday album 'Merry Christmas' in 1994 and it quickly became a success reaching 6th in the January 1995 Hot 100 charts in the United States. This remained the case for many following Decembers due to its catchy chorus and melody.


Now to the song. The lyrics show the longing for a partner during the festive season (obviously). Someone to share the holiday fun with. Personally, although being slightly cheesy; the lyrics are catchy and well put together. Hence why this song always seems to stay in our heads for hours after the Loreto performance each year of this song. The intro of this song is undoubtedly every Loreto girls weakness and gets everyone feeling like some sort of mini Mariah Carey, singing into a fake microphone and pointing to the closest girl next to you. Look, it’s a very grabbing intro to the song. Also, that trill in the beginning on 'youuuuuu' really pulls you in before you really get into the upbeat groove of the song. The Sleigh bells used throughout the song in the background immediately scream CHRISTMAS!! And what's truly great about the song is - what if you don’t know the lyrics?

You just sing the backing vocals.

The song has so many catchy and repetitive melodies that makes it so addictive whether you are smashing out every single lyric or just as the backup singer behind your very enthusiastic friend. And who could possibly forget the most famous high note that everyone tries to reach. This is a very impressive note sung by Mariah held for an amazing 16 beats at a G5, ending with a nice little trill.

Overall this is obviously a timeless song that is remembered year after year as a statement festive song and it wouldn’t be Christmas without it. As overplayed as it is, All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey transcends time and music genres as a staple Christmas must-have.


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