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A Loreto Pre-Graduation Bucket List

Avery Benbow

It’s official, Graduation Season is here! The time in the year when all weather is unpredictable, school time fatigue is at an all-time high, and everyone knows that a bittersweet feeling in the air and a lot of assemblies can be counted on. I always get sad around graduation; another year of friends gone, and one year closer to my inevitable graduation, meaning entry into the “real world”. However, it is also a time for, as is the theme of this Mary Word issue, rebirth, reflection and Year 7 to Year 12 photo comparisons. So, on the subject of fun at graduation, to make your time at Loreto as memorable as possible, I have compiled a list of things to tick off your bucket list: the Loreto Edition. In all seriousness, this is a bit of fun. I would not personally suggest doing most of the things listed, but if you do, send me a photo, remind the people who catch you that I am not responsible for your actions, and please, please, let the doves go.

  • Capture two white doves

  • Get professional dove releasing lessons

  • Have tea with a teacher

  • Never return library books

  • Abseil down the front of the GBC

  • Pretend you have a sprained ankle to get a ride in the maintenance car

  • Bring a cardboard cutout to the formal

  • Run through the school singing Cruci at the top of your lungs

  • Stick memes on every single locker in the school

  • Dress in mufti and pretend to be a teacher for a day

  • Take over the gong for a day and have a heart-to-heart with the school

  • Tell Mr Moran a dad joke

  • Blast loud notes on a bunch of the instruments

  • Compete in a long recess dance battle

  • Choose the long recess music

  • Bring your pet to school (for a day)

  • Organise a flash mob on the oval

  • Dress up with your friends for one of the races in the athletics carnival

  • Be one of the school or house mascots

  • Trick your class into thinking you’re in the VRs when you’re actually in the teens

  • Speak with the languages teachers in a language besides English

  • Be happy with your school photo (WARNING: this is a high-risk mission which only the best of the best will succeed in)

  • Win Tutor Group Trivia

  • Climb through a VR window

  • Nap in class

  • Trial a new sport

  • Put googly eyes on everything

  • Sing LOUDLY in assemblies and liturgies (because let’s face it, the whole school whispering the words to Cruci is a bit sad)

Lots of love to Year 12, and Happy Graduation Season to you all!


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