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By Isabelle Hessey

The famous saying “history repeats itself” is certainly valid in the realm of fashion. In the past years we have seen a reoccurrence of trends from previous decades. This article will outline a few of those historical fashion trends that are making a comeback. So, listen closely because it may be a case of raiding your parents’ (and maybe even grandparents’) wardrobes over the coming year.

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans, right? But do you have a pair of flare cut jeans? This fashion piece will be appearing everywhere, coming back from the 1960s and 70s. Many late 1900s style clothing will be coming into 2020 fashion but all in all, Samantha Brown said the biggest decade-ascending trend will be bell-bottom pants, so be sure to own a pair this year.

Crochet and retro florals are everywhere now, emerging from the 1960s along with leopard print and polka dots. I guess the 1900s was big on statement items and colour because 2020 is gonna be bright. Let’s embrace our inner 1900s and go shopping!

Padded headbands are a great accessory to add to your collection – if its good enough for princess Kate then it’s good enough for us. Many accessories such as hoop earrings, collar necklaces and bangles will be a big hit this year, followed by corduroy, bright colours and peplum style tops. All of the above clothing items and accessories are great statement pieces that will come in bright colours giving this trend a fresh look.

Puff sleeves were a hit in 2019 and are here to stay. According to insider fashion lots of leather in a variety of eye-popping colours will be a popular outfit choice replacing the denim on denim look with the leather on leather look.

All these statement clothing items and accessories are originally from the late 1900s, but we’ve decided to adopt them and make them our own by merging modern and 1900s style clothing together to create modern history! This is one hell of an opportunity to go on a shopping spree... don’t you think?


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