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5 Things that Aren’t Going Back to ‘Normal’ (at least for a while)

By Ashleigh Leck and Izzy Tziolis

1. Travel

A necessity with not too much emphasis on it in everyday media will never operate the same again. According to multiple news agency’s reporting on the statements made by International Air Transport Association Chief Executive Alaxandre de Juniac, international travel will return to full operating capacity by 2023. Additionally, it has been made public that by the end of 2020, the air traffic should be between 50 to 55 percent of the same level that was in place in 2019. One thing that will become an utmost priority is hygiene whilst travelling. The current situation and the conviction with which the world is adopting social distancing will make it largely socially unacceptable to travel with a cold or any symptoms. Additionally, domestic travel will become more popular than international travel. An IATA survey conducted in April revealed that 58 percent of recent travelers are likely to initiate travel domestically. The restrictions governments are likely to uphold once social distancing standards are lifted will also deter individuals from international travel, Australia for example has introduced a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days for any returning travelers. The IATA survey also released that 69 percent of travelers stated they would not consider travelling if they had to quarantine for a two-week period.

2. School

The pandemic has reinforced to society the importance of face-to-face learning. Any conspiracies that education would eventually be moved permanently to online have been quashed. The value of face-to-face learning and the effort that teachers put in has already started to rise. Society is beginning to realise the commitment that teachers give to students’ learning and as we are returning to face-to-face learning, we must ensure that we retain this appreciation for our teachers.

3. Sport

Sport is an essential activity in the lives of any Australia, bringing joy and sometimes stress to the lives of many. However, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way sport is played in Australia and it looks like these new regulations may become a part of life for a while now. Looking personally at this change it is obvious to every Loreto Normanhurst student and teacher that Normo life is not the same without sport. We are all so used to the excitement Saturday Sports brings and the tiredness that comes with training, without all these normal practices, life just seems not as active. Unfortunately for the lovers of sport in our community, it seems that sport may not resume to what we know and love for a while now, as social distancing regulations remain stringent to prevent a second wave.

4. Hygiene

COVID-19 has reminded society of the importance of sanitation. Before, washing hands before eating, maintaining distances and remaining home if sick was usually not practiced. However, after continuous practice during these times, society has developed a routine to be hygienic and this newly formed routine will continue for many people. It also makes developed countries more grateful for having access to clean water and adequate healthcare.

5. Environment

We have already seen drastic changes to the environment. However, we must remember as we transition back to everyday life the importance of valuing the environment and treating it appropriately to continue this change. Luka Swain (our fabulous Social Justice Captain) believes that “climate change is not on pause during the Coronavirus (as many people want to believe). We must return our attention to evaluating the negative impacts we are having on our environment and strive to implement cleaner energy and sustainable choices”


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