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4 Simple Tips for a Great Loreto Day

Camila De La Cruz

Loreto Day is a fun event but if this year is your first Loreto Day, then there are a few things you need to know. The day is usually split into three parts: the liturgy in the morning, then the house stalls will open, and you can enjoy fun games and food before the concert starts at lunchtime. This is how Loreto Day is usually run but it could obviously change this year.

If this is your first Loreto Day, then here are my list of top tips for a great Loreto Day.

1. Wear warm, comfortable clothes

Take advantage of the fact it’s a mufti. Loreto Day is usually a cold day. Keep in mind you’ll be in the gym for half the day with limited heaters, and then outside in the cold. Wear a scarf, a fluffy jumper or even Ugg boots.

2. Arrange a meeting spot with your friends

Loreto Day is a thousand times better when you’re with your friends. Be warned however, after the liturgy, the first thing everyone does is run up to the main and Mary Ward quad where stalls begin to open. It’s best to organize a meeting place with your friends for after the liturgy, preferably in a place that won’t be very busy.

3. Barry hot chips are ALWAYS full

The Barry hot chips stall is always the busiest and most popular stall each year without fail. Most of the time the stall is located in front of the art rooms in the main quad, and lines always end at the science room at the complete other side of the main quad. If you plan to get chips, prepare yourself mentally as you will be facing hours of waiting for hot chips.

Food stalls are the ones with the longest line usually while activity stools deserve some love. The Maye haunted house is a classic and one I would certainly recommend!

My recommendation is: get one large food item e.g. get 3 pizzas for your entire group in one go so you don’t have to line up twice. And if you’re really that desperate for hot chips, run to the main quad straight after the liturgy is over.

4. And most importantly, BRING COINS TO THE CONCERT

Year 11 will be walking around for any last donations before the day ends during the concert. They’ll likely won’t be accepting card, so this is a great chance to get rid of any coins you have lying around. Don’t just give them all your money during the first round, because towards the end of the concert Year 11 usually has spare items such as soft drinks and lollies which they can sell to you at a discounted price! If you’re lucky, you could even find soft drinks for only 50 cents, or less!


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