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20 Diverse Makeup and Beauty Accounts You Must Follow!

Kate Walters

1. Your Majesty EJ – amazing tutorials and realistic makeup

2. Barbies Clutter – a personal favourite account of mine, encourages people to be accepting and proud of their features and culture

3. Kali.ledger – another favourite of mine, very practical tutorials, and beautiful looks

4. Mochihanfu – beautiful makeup, very interesting information and sharing her love of her culture

5. Meicrosoft – innovative and inspiring use of makeup

6. Yukas.Cloud – vibrant, intricate, and artistic makeup

7. Luciphyrr – mix of achievable and editorial makeup looks

8. Ohh_maly – cool aesthetic and great makeup transformations

9. Branalunan – amazing and talented makeup artist

10. Babenexttdoor – creative and refreshing looks, along with entertaining videos

11. Visible June – distinctive style and great tutorials

12. Cheapainn – mesmerising videos

13. Grimmfairyfaces – beautiful and inspiring looks

14. Rikkisanhuu – encourages women to embrace their flaws

15. Gorg.on – entertaining reels and great outfit inspiration

16. Isabelleikpeme – beautiful and exciting makeup looks

17. Kickiyangz – very versatile make up artist and great style inspiration

18. Rowisingh – cool make up and style, also a fellow Sydney-sider

19. Sarawi.abd – talented artist with entertaining videos

20. Naezrahlooks – innovative and distinct looks


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1 Comment

Feronia Ding
Feronia Ding
Jun 01, 2022

love this article katie!

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