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10 Tips for Spring

By Inara Hossain, Year 7

Spring is finally here so here are 10 tips to survive it.

  1. Remember that it isn’t long till the end of term 3 and that this year’s almost over

2. Go for a nice swim without this happening

3. Go outside and admire nature

4. Take a break and smell the flowers

5. Go outside and spend time surrounded by nature

6. Break out your favourite spring fashion (just no scrunchies)

7. Stay on top of your work and don’t be surprised when you get to class and there's a “surprise” test

8. Finish your work before the holidays and don’t rush it at the last moment

9. Calm down, the term’s almost over

10. And most importantly, have some fun with your friends

So enjoy your spring! 🧡💛💚💙💜


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