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10 Great Things About Graduating

Georgia Angell and Charli Davis

Here at Loreto, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and happy to be here. But much as we love it, by the time you are in year 12 we believe that you feel ready to leave. Whether you are ready to go to Uni or work or just become a stay-at-home daughter, when the last bell rings to go home there is no sadness, just celebration.

To alleviate all tears of graduating, we present to you the ultimate top 10 list of things to look forward to after graduation. So this is something for the nostalgic year 12’s to look forward to, just like our Mary Ward statue.

1. Coming in at number 1 we have:

No more potato sack uniforms!

No explanation needed!

2. No more need to leave your phone behind.

It's not an attachment issue, we promise!

3. No more Printer lines

We all know that time when you print your assessment just before it’s due, especially when the whole year decides too as well.

4. No more asking to go to the bathroom.

You won’t have to wait till lunchies because a toilet break interrupts class.

“Better out than in” - Shrek

5. Better food

No more getting cut off in the canteen line by teachers or for class at 8:15.

6. For Boarders: No more Boarder-food!

You won’t have to steal the lunches of day-girls after graduation.

7. Free from Uniform infringements

Feel free to show those knees and shoulders!

8. No more bad bell songs

I’d rather listen to Cruci…

9. No more awkward ICT visits (or maybe this is just specific to Loreto?)

I swear everytime I go, my laptop starts working.

10. No more BB (Bad Breath)

You can eat gum without it becoming a classroom hazard or distraction.


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