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Year 7 Messages to Buddies

By Isabelle Hessey and Erika San Diego

Year 7 students write farewell messages to their graduating senior buddies.

Dear Tessa Andrews,

When you leave, I will miss your constant perseverance and cheerful attitude. I’ll miss that you make things seem so much less horrible or scary than they really are and that’s something I'll remember forever. Tessa, you helped me through this year, (as I said before) you showed me that all is not as bad as it seems. You taught me about the class abbreviations that were all so confusing in the beginning and you showed me the whereabouts of my classes so that I didn’t get lost. A simple smile of yours always brightened my day, and you helped me so much in getting through my first year of high school.

Before you go, I'd just like to say, never give up because nobody got anywhere when they gave up. Even when things seem horrible, they really aren’t. Just think about the outcome and the rainbow after the storm. That's what you taught me.

I’ll miss you lots, good luck in Uni.

From Issy <3

Dear Leticia To,

I will miss your nice, kind and caring personality. You guided me by helping me on the first day and also speaking to me in tutor group time. You always made me feel included in the tutor group.

I know you and I weren’t that close but we would still talk to each other, and that made my day.

I want to say just never give up and always just try your best in anything you do, you will definitely always have some ups and downs but if you keep on trying and believing in yourself you’ll always find a way.

From Elyana Qutami. <3

Dear Arabella Barr,

When you leave Loreto, I will miss your warm-hearted nature, ever-present smile, and how you always include me. I will miss your cheerful aurora and happy presence. You included me in our tutor group, greeted me at the lockers, and always welcomed me, making me feel even more included in the Loreto community.

I love the weird and funny nicknames you would call me whenever we saw each other around the lockers because it made me feel included. I think that you should always try and persevere in life no matter what. Stay organized through stress and have fun to achieve your dream. And ALWAYS keep your hilarious sense of humor and funny stories. Lastly, I want to wish you the best birthday wishes for today!

From your (Mad Dog) Erika San Diego. <3

Dear Jasmine Valenzuela,

When you leave for Uni I will miss you a lot, and the thing I will probably miss most about you will be your optimism. You're always really happy and whenever we meet for tutor group you’re always smiling and always so happy… even in the middle of trials. I will definitely miss your positive cheerful attitude. Jasmine, you guided me through this year by always being there for me and just sitting next to me in tutor group and assembly, which meant I always had someone to talk to. The main thing is that you were just always there and you didn’t need to talk to me or strike up a conversation, just sitting next to you was enough to make me not feel lonely.

Jasmine, you were always really nice and always making an effort to have a conversation with me.

Before you go I want to thank you for looking after me and helping me fit in at school and in a tutor group. I want to thank you for being the only one in my tutor group to remember my birthday. My advice to you Jasmine would be to persevere. I don’t know what you want to do in the future, but I know you’ll be awesome at whatever you choose.

From Annelise <3

Dear Hannah John,

When you leave for uni I will miss your caring and nice personality and how you always talked to me and interested in me and my life. Hannah… you would always check on me and makes sure that I am feeling alright and this made us closer, in my opinion, it’s one of the many things that I love about you. I feel like we were really close and I will miss you a lot when you go and I just wanted to say that you should always believe you can, even if others assume you can’t. Just remember to try your best. ‘Shoot for the moon and even if you fail, you’ll still be among the stars.’

Love you, Hannah!

From Ivana <3


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