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Why Jacinda Ardern sets the precedent for politicians around the world

By Amy Saad

Jacinda Ardern upholds valuable characteristics which make her such a great leader. These key values include her ongoing authenticity, empathy, support, and courage.

Jacinda has experienced numerous struggles so far in her position such as supporting those affected by the terrorist attack in Christchurch (2019), volcanic chaos on White Island (2019) and coronavirus global crisis in 2020, all while caring for her young child. She is a major role model for New Zealander’s as she supports Maori culture and encourages culture to be taught at school.

Her coolness under pressure and in times of fear is heavily admired; especially when she was displayed on a live TV during a 5.9-magnitude tremor, “We’re fine,” she cheerfully declared. “I’m not under any hanging lights.” Jacinda Ardern is an influential leader due to her amazing qualities which has allowed herself and her country to progress positively.


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