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What to do on a Quarantined Day

By Sara Horan

It’s been forever since I’ve seen the outdoors. The walls that once held familiarity have become a white, plastered prison. The disease, infectious. The toilet paper, low. My grandfather, who lived through World War 2 and fought in the Vietnam War, will tell anyone who listened that it isn’t the end of the world. He’s most likely forgotten the boredom that can play with your mind.

I remember, back in the old days of school and rushed readings for homework, reading an article for English about how boredom is good for young children, and how kids need to learn to deal with boredom. I agreed at the time. But as I stare outside my window to the same empty street, I feel opinions change. I am so bored. I am so sick of living inside my own head. My siblings won’t need to worry about the coronavirus when I get too fed up with their annoying little habits. I want to see my friends! However, duty keeps me locked away.

You’ve probably felt the same way and so, I have compiled a recollection of how I’ve been keeping myself occupied so far. We can get through this!

1. Organising Notes

This sounds incredibly boring, BUT it keeps you occupied and feels like you’re working towards something. As a perk, you also feel studious and get to ignore how many times you’ve procrastinated on updating your notes this year. Putting on your favourite music while lip-syncing and organising your notes can be very fulfilling, I promise.

2. Dancing

I am becoming THE MASTER of just dance. My brother is incredibly jealous of my masterful moves. It’s a great (and fun) way of exercising. However, you may not have a Wii, or your little brother may be playing his new Star Wars video game he got for his birthday for the 100th time that afternoon and therefore hogging up your time dancing. SO, may I recommend Youtube dance tutorial videos. Your ego may not be as high as it was if you were using Just Dance, however the sense of achievement you feel after nailing that one dance movement that most likely was designed for people with 6 hands is wonderful.

3. Enjoying the arts

I have been reading so much. I’m currently reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman (don’t spoil) about a young man goes over the borders to the magical land of Faerie. I’ve been also been eyeing some books I’ve been meaning to re-read on my shelf, just in case I get desperate.

I’ve also been binging plenty of movies and tv shows. Using Netflix Party my friends get to watch movies together on Fridays, so its something to look forward to. You can also do this while organising your notes. However, I will deny rewatching the barbie fairy movies while writing up my notes on the Julio-Claudians and lovely Emperor Gaius’ murder sprees.

And while you can no longer go to the cinema, you can now watch movies that you may have missed out on. I for one was looking forward to being angry about the new Disney Mulan movie but this allowed me to watch (the superior) Chinese Hua Mulan: Rise of a Warrior movie made in 2009 (I recommend, though it isn’t as happy-go-lucky as the Disney version.)

4. Miscellaneous

Everyone has different ways of coping with their own boredom. My brother has taken to making ninja star origami. People I know have been stress cooking, crocheting and have adopted an unhealthy obsession for animal crossing.

While we are all frantically looking at the news updates and ringing to make sure our elderly are staying indoors, we have to remember the positives to our boredom. I don’t remember the last time I had so much time on my hands after the whirlwind of assessments, and while this makes me feel a little lost and goalless it allows me to spend time doing the things I used to love doing; Reading, writing, singing and dancing. As pollution decreases and animals return to places they used to belong to, we also get an opportunity to explore what we used to do or find out new things about themselves.

Good luck fellow bored people. I think you’re smart enough to keep yourself occupied but I hope this article sparked some inspiration.

Go off and enjoy yourselves!


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