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Top tips to get ready for sport

By Rose Cunningham

Hey girls,

Saturday sport has started and that has brought in the early mornings.

Waking up at 6:00 on a weekend is ridiculous, right?

So, I’m here to give you all some top tips to wake up and feel good before your match

1.Set out your clothes, shoes, hair ties and caps, the kit in your bag and anything else that you will need the night before your game. This will help to have more time in the morning so you might be able to have that 5 more minutes. I also use this on school days so that I can feel better and not like a zombie. It works for almost anything!

2.Have a brilliant breakfast. I’m sure that most of you know this one but it is a super simple thing to improve your performance. Having a good serving of Weetbix, an omelette , some baked beans on toast, scrambled eggs or porridge will give your brain and body a boost. Sports analytics teams have shown that while sports drinks have fewer calories than your average can of soft drink, they have often contain around FIVE TIMES as much sugar and salt! So only have a sports drink after the game when you won’t feel as bad after the huge sugar hit.

3.Listen to some up-beat music in the car or have a dance around to get yourself pumped up. Listening to motivational music that makes you feel good also helps you feel confident and successful. Personally, some of my favourite songs to listen to when I need a boost is ‘Hall of Fame’ by The Script. I also love the ‘Feeling Happy’ playlist created by Apple Music.

4. Wear your hair in a way that is both practical and makes you feel good. For lots of girls, braids are a good option. Another super common way to tie up hair well in a sleek, tight pony tail. If your sport requires a helmet like baseball or softball, wearing your hair in a plait, braid or a loop are good ideas as they stay flat and look nice but you can also have them as tight as you like.

5. Avoid getting too tense before a match. If you move the wrong way or pull a muscle, you will hurt yourself more than if you are relaxed. It is also going to take up more energy than if you are relaxed so by the end of it, you could feel totally drained.

6.Create a Safe pack for your bag. This might include Sunscreen, Deodorant, Band-Aids , an anti-itch cream like stingers cream, maybe your normal emergency kit (in case you have an accident) and a pack of wipes or tissues. This means that you are prepared if you fall over or have an accident, then you will have what you need to get your show back on the road.

7. Keep a pair of flip flops or slides in the car so that you can take of your boots or runners and let your feet get some air. I mean I hate disgustingly sweaty feet!

That’s all my tricks to be ready for sports

Thanks for Reading!


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