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Remedy for a Tedious Playlist: Iso Discoveries Edition

By Sophie Andreou

Someone told me they enjoyed my article titled 'Remedy for a Tedious Playlist', so I thought I would make another article along the same lines but with music I discovered whilst in isolation! I am always searching around for new music to add to my playlist so here is 10 of the songs I recently discovered and added!

Disclaimer: I know everyone has a different taste in music with many people HATING my music and others loving it, so have a listen and hopefully there is a little something for everyone!

1. Free Room - Ravyn Lenae ft Appleby

If you had to only listen to one song mentioned in this article, MAKE IT THIS ONE! I seriously have been listening to it on repeat. It’s a bop that I simply cannot help grooving to.

2. Orange Reprise - tobi lou ft LEJKEYS

Chill bop. Enough said. Have a listen.

3. Petrol Bliss - Choker

If you are a Frank Ocean fan (like myself) you will probably enjoy this.

4. Dancing - bLAck pARty

Again, another song that Frank Ocean fans will probably like. Really groovy.

5. Not You Too - Drake ft Chris Brown

This song was released on Drakes new album 'Dark Lane Demo Tapes'. I am a Drake fan however didn’t LOVE this album but I definitely loved this particular song.

6. 12.38 - Childish Gambino

Another new release from one of my favourites with a feature from 21 Savage. A lengthy song but please listen till the end (it’s the best part)

7. Applesauce - Sam.sts

Any Rex Orange County fans will love this one. A killer guitar line aswell!

8. Wat's Wrong - Isaiah Rashad ft Zacari and Kendrick Lamar

This song is seriously so catchy and Kendrick Lamars part is amazing. Have a listen!

9. Ninety - Jaden

This song is the perfect little jam you need. Super chill and I mean its Jaden Smith so it's definitely good.

10. Candy choppa- warrenisyellow & chasu

I had never actually heard of warrenisyellow until I found this song but I now love so many of his other songs. Just such a good bop. Very groovy and if you get a chance have a listen to some of his others (I recommend blue jeans or sugarbaby).


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