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Our Second ‘Home’ – Boarder Choir 2021

By Georgia and Charlotte Cluff

This year, Boarder Choir conductor Jordyn Richards (Year 12 boarder) has selected the song ‘Home’ by Philip Phillips as the Boarder Choir Song for Music Festival 2021. As boarders ourselves since Year 7, we feel such a strong connection to this song, as it truly represents what it means to be a boarder and the community which acts as our home for such a large portion of each year.

So, being such a highly relevant theme of discussion as a community of girls who live away from our homes to go to school here at Loreto Normanhurst, we asked a variety of boarders from different year groups and widespread locations to share their thoughts on what this year's song means to them. Despite all starting their boarding journeys across a range of different years, their insights have distinct commonalities in that they all truly highlight the value that our boarding community puts into “[making] this place our home”.

Eliza Haire – Year 12 Boarder

“I'm from Wee Waa, which is about a seven-hour drive from Sydney (570 km). Being a boarder since year 7, boarding school definitely becomes like a second home. Living and meeting so many girls from similar backgrounds and experiencing new things together made it feel more like I was at home. There are so many things on your mind whilst you're at school, so we are always kept busy and in the flow of things. I think the song 'Home' reflects Loreto Boarding so nicely. It is meaningful because of how relevant it is to all of us, and how powerful the lyrics are.”

Catherine (Kitty) Duffy – Year 9 Boarder

“Hi, I’m Kitty Duffy a year 9 student from Port Macquarie situated around 4 hours North of Sydney. It has been such a rewarding experience participating in my first Music Festival practices, as I am finally able to be a part of what I have watched my sister participate in over the years. Boarding for me is like my second home, I have all my friends who look after me and my sister Frankie who has helped me so much throughout my first term. The title of the song being ‘Home’ really makes us realise how much sense of community boarders have and how Loreto is our Home away from Home.”

Phoebe Ferrari – Year 9 Boarder

“Singing the song ‘home’ together as a community makes us think of how we all come together as one, singing about our home which is quite far away for all of us. Boarding is like our second home because we feel comfortable around each other and when you are feeling down you have no problem going to talk to someone because everyone is so helping and they make me feel so much better.”

Lucy Ball – Year 8 Boarder

“Hi, I am Lucy Ball, I come from a small village called Blackville, near Quirindi, home is around 4 hours away. Boarding school becomes my second home when I’m at school as everyone is kind and looks out for you just like at home. This year’s Music Fest song ‘home’ is meaningful to me as it can relate to how the boarding school acts like a home.”

Sophia Lampe – Year 8 Boarder

“My name is Sophia Lampe and I am from Narrabri which is about 6 hours away. The boarding school feels like my second home because all of my friends are always around and there is always someone to go to! I think that this year’s music fest song ‘Home’ is very relevant to me because it is about the roller coaster of boarding school which is in the song lyrics.”

Eliza Roche – Year 7 Boarder

“I’m from a small country town called Adelong NSW, and from Home to Loreto it is about a four to five-hour drive. Loreto is like a second home to me because I live here, it is my home where I now go to and from school, every single day! This year’s boarding song “Home” I think expresses the message to others that you’re not alone when you are at boarding school, there is always a helping hand just around the corner.”

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