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Normo Clubs 2018

Extra-Curricular Clubs at Loreto Normanhurst

By Gian Ellis-Gannell

Have you ever wanted to join one of the many amazing clubs at Loreto, but just can’t keep up with the email notices and updates? Want to figure out how many you can fit in a week? Stuck in the daily grind and worried you missed cut off dates for registration? Find below a list of all still on offer at our beautiful school.

Coding Club:

Coding club is run with the goal of making all students technological thinkers, having fun, being creative, and learning through exploration. Over the course of a year, students will learn how to code things such as robots and gaming controllers and will use professional software. Included in this are exclusive excursions to the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, followed by animation projects and a representative from AIE coming to the school several times to provide support to students. Specific programs taught include: CAT Competition, Maya, Unity and Hour of Code.

Run by Mr Blackburn and Mr Low

Meeting Time: Thursday Afternoon, 3:30-4:30

Location: GBC 3:01

N-Sc (Normo Science Club):

N-Sc is an extracurricular activity that offers students the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom.

The Normo Science Club will help you develop your skills as a scientist and will provide you with an opportunity to investigate areas of science in which you are interested. As a member of N-Sc, you will have the opportunity to engage in practical activities, including experiments run by the supervising teachers, and experiments you can design yourselves.

Run by Miss Solo

Meeting Time: Monday Afternoon, 3:30-4:30

Location: Lab 55

Tech Hub:

Tech hub is a student-run initiative in which you will work in groups to enter competitions, solve problems, and improve overall technology skills. Throughout the year, members of tech hub will be given many opportunities to represent the school in excursions and conferences; opportunities available include drone flying lessons and amazing guest speakers!

Supervised by Mr MacDonald and Ms Kulmar

Meeting Time: Monday Lunch 2

Location: DRC

The Mary Word Newspaper:

The Mary Word is a digital, student run- newspaper that encourages everyone to get involved and experience writing and working as a part of a publishing team. The newspaper puts out a new issue twice a term and is full of dedicated journalists. You do not need to have any writing experience, and can submit articles based around different topics to be regularly to be published in the newspaper.

Organised by Mr Scali

Meeting Time: Friday Lunch 1

Location: 2.11 GBC


JPIC is the Schools’ social justice group that aims to create change in the school and wider community by promoting equality, helping people in need and raising awareness about important social justice issues. 2018, the Loreto year of Justice is a great time to join JPIC with your friends. Members of the group will have access to special talks from leading international figures making a real difference and are able to help fundraise and participate in social justice school events!

Run by Ms Timmins

Meeting Time: Alternating Wednesday Lunch

Location: 1.02 GBC

Green Team:

The Green Team is a group of young activists whose vision is to create a more ecologically sustainable school. They are true makers of ecological change and have been behind several initiatives that have taken the school closer towards this goal. The Green Team has expanded in recent years and there are students from years 7-12 who work collaboratively to bring their ideas to life. There are also opportunities to attend excursions that are not available to the wider school and to be a part of something that really makes a difference in our world. The team are always very welcoming to new members, so feel free to come along!

Run by Mrs Cranfield

Meeting Time: Alternating Wednesday Lunch

Location: 1.02 GBC

Chapter Chicks:

Chapter Chicks is the Loreto Normanhurst book club.Chapter Chicks chose a monthly Junior and Senior book relating to a theme from the libraries reading challenge list. Everyone is always welcome so don’t be shy and come along to our next meeting to discuss our new books, fangirl about your latest reads, debate upcoming movie adaptations and talk about anything books! And don't forget the good food. Look out for our next supergirl themed email where we will announce our next book featuring a kick-ass female protagonist written by a female author.

Run by Ms Green

Meeting Time: Monthly, Monday Lunch

Location: LRC


While not technically a club, choir is not selective; anyone can join in and sing! Students who attend practice regularly are rewarded with amazing opportunities such as performing at Music Festival, and all participants will have amazing performance opportunities to show off their repertoire of songs throughout the year. Highlights include: Open Day, Relay for Life and the End of Year Award Ceremony. Come along and bring your friends to sing together, no audition or hidden talent required!

Meeting Time: Wednesday Morning, 7:30am

Location: Curran Theatre

Chess & Strategic Games Club:

Chess and Strategic Games Club caters for everyone from complete beginner to experience players who want to master their skills and strategies in a whole host of different games. There will be easy to understand lessons and demonstrations provided to learn some of the world’s most famous games. It can be as casual or as serious as you wish it to be, with a tiered and merit-based system of ranking.

As a member, you will be apart of exciting mini-tournaments in a whole selection of games with exclusive competition prizes- can you be a champion at Loreto?

Run by Mr Munroe and Mr Rafe

Meeting Time: Tuesday Afternoon, 3:30-5:00

Location: DRC


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